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Count On Me

If you ever need a friend
Just give me a call
Iíll be here for you Ďtil the end
To catch you if you ever fall
I am always here for you
Through the good times and the bad
Iím the person you can come to
Anytime that you are sad.
On my shoulder you can cry
Iíll sit with you so that you know I care
There is nothing that I wonít try
To help you when you feel that lifeís not fair
If you feel you canít go on
You can bring it all to me
Iíll stay with you until your troubles are gone
And again the blue skies you can see
For no matter where you are
And no matter what you do
There is no place so far
That could keep me from being a friend to you
So when you need a hand to hold
Iíll give you mine for free
If you have a problem that needs to be told
You can always count on me.

By: Heather Scott