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The above image is an actual screenshot from the 2005 University of Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band show "Trumpet Artistry" designed by Doug Bush.

Custom Visual Design Service is available at a reasonable price.

Visual Design Packages begin as low as $1,500.

Factors that determine an increase in price are as follows:

1. Size of unit (fees start at $1,500 for 0-50 marching performers including colorguard, drillteam, etc. and increases $100 per 10 performers. For instance, a unit of 50 performers would pay $1,500 while a unit of 51-60 would pay $1,600 and so on.)

2. Complexity of design

3. Length of show (the $1,500 figure is based on an 8 minute show, beyond that the fee increases $100 per 30 seconds of time rounded up to the nearest 30 seconds. This time figure is based on length of music as projected by arranger's notes, tempo markings, etc.)

4. Deadline - Getting an early start is key.

The design will be completed to your specifications always allowing for rehearsal time vs. demand, competition, and the image your band portrays on the field.

Visual Design Clients
Beatrice HS; Beatrice, NE
Benson HS; Omaha, NE
Boyd County HS; Ashland, KY
Celina HS; Celina, OH
Chaminade-Julienne HS; Dayton, OH
Clinton-Massie HS; Clarksville, OH
Creighton Commuity HS; Creighton, NE
Ft. Gibson HS; Ft. Gibson, OK
Irish String Band of America; Philadelphia, PA
Lincoln East HS; Lincoln, NE
Lincoln Southwest HS; Lincoln, NE
Omaha North HS; Omaha, NE
Palatka HS; Palatka, FL
Pawnee City HS; Pawnee City, NE
Valley HS; Las Vegas, NV
Washington HS; Sioux Falls, SD
Waynesville HS; Waynesville, OH
Western Kentucky University; Bowling Green, KY