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Windsor Marsh Dragon

Windsor Marsh Dragon

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For all you Dragon lovers, Bobs 254 Lb Sculpted Pewter Dragon . It is Five foot two inches long , and has a wing span of 8 feet I used a cheap Polaroid camera.So the quallity of the picture is poor. Anyway I will be Sculpting many more Dragons in soft clay. Then Casting them in Pewter But not so huge this time ,They should weigh in at about 50 to 60 lbs in a single casting. Less the wings They are hard to cast ,because of the thin areas in the wing membrane. So you can expect many more new Fantasy sculptures created by me in the near future. What inspires me , are the wonderful artists out there.Like Parkinson and Whelan . My Favorite is by Parkinson called the Druid Stone. Look him up . He is good