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The Bootleg Variety Pack:
~ Diana's List ~

Attention: Until further notice, I will no longer be trading. I'll resume trading as soon as I'm no longer flat broke. Long story short: I just graduated college, don't have a job yet, and have to come up with creative ways to pay the rent until I'm employed. I'll still do 2:1's... I just can't afford a pack of Maxells, a spool of CD-Rs, or postage. Pathetic, ain't it?

Make Our Trade A Happy One

Since I'm now trading alone, instead of with my friend Amy, I'd like to state my own personal rules in simpler terms (so you'll actually read them):

In amendment to the previously stated rules, I have a few simple requests:

  1. Please communicate with me. I can't read minds, as much as I'd like to, and I have no idea how to interpret your five-word email with nothing quoted. Quote previous messages, try to make yourself clear, and our working relationship will be so much better.
  2. If you have a special request (e.g. sending with cases, sending in a box, no filler, etc.), tell me in advance. I'm happy to oblige most requests, even same-day sending -- IF you tell me right off.
  3. If the tape/CD I'm requesting from you sucks, go ahead and tell me. It's OK -- I'll do the same for you, and suggest a better show. My list has expanded enough since November of 1997 that I'm pretty much looking for higher-quality shows. If you say yours is an A, and it turns out to be nineteenth generation from someone's Microcassette recorder they bought for their Biology lecture, I'll be a little miffed.

Basically, all this boils down to is communication. This is the cornerstone of life, I've discovered in my tender 25 years. Words of wisdom...

Diana's Rating System

When I first began trading, my roommate and I developed a rating system based on completely objective factors: tape hiss, audience noise, etc. As I've gained more experience in trading, I've discovered that my ratings have moved to a more subjective system -- more of a Disappointment Factor. So, here's your guide to my rating system:

Rating When I first heard this show, I said: Disappointment Factor
A+"Holy crap! Is this an official release?"zero
A "Wow -- this is nice..." little to none
A-"This isn't too bad!" mildly disappointed - hissy, mix is funky
B+"Yeah, this isn't bad, I guess." somewhat disappointed, but not bummed yet
B "Hmm. Yeah, it's a bootleg." beginning to be kinda bummed out
B-"Ehh... I dunno." sorely disappointed
C+"I don't believe I traded for this..."beyond disappointed to mildly pissed
C and below"What the hell? This sucks!" completely and totally pissed off

Try Before You Trade

My goal, to facilitate happy trading, is to mark the best shows I have from each artist, and to have audio samples of those shows. I have some samples below in mp3 format. Recommendations within my list are marked with a yellow arrow (). I hope to have several more samples soon -- for now, download WinAmp (for Windows) or Audion (for Mac) and check these three out...

Artist:Song TitleFile SizeClip LengthShow VenueDate
Afghan Whigs Faded 1.1MB2:32 Stockholm, Sweden 03.26.96
Beastie Boys Whatcha Want 477K 1:00 Reading, PA 08.29.98
The Catherine Wheel Intravenous 3.2MB 3:28 New York City 07.11.00

Whaddaya Want?

I am particularly interested in the following:

Catherine Wheel:

And any material from the following artists:
24 Gone, Afghan Whigs, Catherine Wheel, Flogging Molly, and the Mighty Mighty BossToneS

...but am interested in just about anything. E-mail with anything not already on the list.

So, What's Good?

As of October 1st, the top-requested artists from my list in 2001 are (drumroll, please):

  1. The Mighty Mighty BossToneS
  2. Tie: Henry Rollins Spoken Word & Pink Floyd
  3. Black Francis/ Frank Black
  4. Catherine Wheel

If you're feeling saucy, ask for these highly-traded shows:

What All Ya Got?

My list contains:

311 - Afghan Whigs - B-52's - Beastie Boys - Belly - Lou Barlow - Beck - Black Francis - Frank Black - Blondie - Blues Traveler - Bouncing Souls - David Bowie - Buck-O-Nine - Catherine Wheel - Clutch - Cream - Jim Croce - Elvis Costello - The Cure - Miles Davis - Depeche Mode - Devo - The Doors - Dream Theater - Fugazi - Peter Gabriel - Goldfinger - Jimi Hendrix - Husker Du - Jane's Addiction - Jefferson Airplane - Jets to Brazil - Elton John - Kansas - Less Than Jake - Madness - Madonna - Man...Or Astroman? - Bob Marley - Sarah McLachlan - Meat Loaf - The Mighty Mighty BossToneS - Kevin Moore - Alanis Morissette - Morphine - Jim Morrison - Bob Mould - No Doubt - Operation Ivy - Pavement - Phish - The Pietasters - Pink Floyd - The Pixies - The Police - Radiohead - Reel Big Fish - R.E.M. - Rollins Band - Henry Rollins Spoken Word - Rush - Santana - Sebadoh - Simon & Garfunkel - Skinny Puppy - Smashing Pumpkins - The Soft Boys - Squirrel Nut Zippers - Sugar - Suicide Machines - Matthew Sweet - Talking Heads - The Violent Femmes - The Who - Yes - Frank Zappa and the Mothers

So, Let's See The Goods!

Well, OK.

The List

Who Says?

My list of over 80 references says. Wanna see?

Anything else? E-mail me at