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Every 30 seconds, an
innocent Pokemon is
taken into captivity.

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Welcome to the P.E.T.P.I.K.A. homepage, the first site for Pokemon Rights Activists!

Pokemon and all related character names and images are copyrighted to Nintendo of Anerica, 1998. This site is not for profit, nor is it intended to adversely affect the profits of Nintendo of America. This site claims no affiliation with Nintendo.

About P.E.T.P.I.K.A.

This main page will act as a FAQ about P.E.T.P.I.K.A. More detailed info can be found on the subpages, listed to the left.

What is P.E.T.P.I.K.A.?

P.E.T.P.I.K.A. stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Pokemon and Instillment of Kinder Attitudes. We are an organization dedicated to securing the rights of Pokemon and improving the quality of their lives.

Why do Pokemon need an organization like P.E.T.P.I.K.A.?

Because the Pokemon cannot speak for themselves. We are the spokespersons for these poor creatures, who if they could only talk, would tell you of the horrible injustices committed against them.

Imagine that you're a Pokemon. Pretend, say, that you're a Nidoran, happily living out your life in Viridian forest. Then one day, while you're minding your own business, a strange human comes into the forest. He sends out one of his Pokemon slaves to beat you to a pulp. After you've been pummelled too senseless to resist, the human tosses a metal ball at you. For the next several hours to several days, you find yourself trapped within its confines. Sheer loneliness envelopes you.

When at last you're released from the Pokeball, you must obey the uncaring human's commands. The human then expects you to fight against your fellow creatures, to aid him in enslaving more innocent Pokemon!

But that's not the worst of it. If you're not particularly useful to your human master, he'll probably put you into storage. You'll be converted to mere data, and sent online into the computer of some guy named Bill. There you may spend weeks, months, even years in this cyberprison, susceptible to computer viruses and accidental deletion. And if your master gives up his "trainer" lifestyle or forgets about you, you may be doomed to spend eternity in Bill's computer.

And why does the human do this to you? All for mere sport, just to gain some worthless badges and maybe the pointless title of "Pokemon Master." Does he have to endure the suffering you face in endless battles? No! He just barks commands at you, and if you dont' fight well enough, it's back in the Pokeball for you.

Here at P.E.T.P.I.K.A., it is our goal to stop such cruelty. We believe Pokemon are happiest when left in their natural habitat, spared from human indignities. However, if Pokemon are taken as pets, they should be treated as equals and not forced to fight battles or do silly tricks for humans. They should not be forced to evolve with evolution stones or physically altered with drugs or vitamins. And they should never, ever, have to endure the torment of being stuffed inside a little metal ball that's several times smaller than themselves!

What are the goals of P.E.T.P.I.K.A.?

It is our goal to:

  1. Outlaw the barbaric practice of holding Pokemon battles and tournaments.
  2. End the use of inhumane storage devices such as Pokeballs and data boxes.
  3. Abolish the use of pet Pokemon for attack purposes.

How many members does P.E.T.P.I.K.A. have?

So far, just one. Our name is Danno. For some reason, we like to refer to ourselves in the plural. Maybe we were royalty in a previous life.

Does your organization have a lot of support?

Of course! Lots of innocent Pokemon back us up fullheartedly. Um, but since they can't talk you'll just have to take our word on that.

Also, some guy named Giovanni has expressed an interest in supporting our cause. He said something about, "When attack Pokemon are outlawed, only outlaws will have attack Pokemon. Then Team Rocket will conquer the helpless populace! Mwa ha ha ha!" We're not sure exactly what that means.

Does anyone oppose you?

The Official Pokemon League has taken a rather vocal stand against us. But since they stand to lose a lot of profit if people stop buying all their Pokeballs and other products, this is to be expected.

Also opposed to us is P.A.U.L.A. (People Against Unnecessarily Long Acronyns).

How can I help P.E.T.P.I.K.A.?

Send us lots of money, preferably in small bills.

If that's not possible (darn), you could follow some of the suggestions on our Activist Activities page. Also, please check out the section Pokemon as Pets for advice on treating Pokemon with respect.

And of course, spread the word to everyone that Pokemon deserve better treatment. Banners are available on the Join Us page.

Thank you for supporting P.E.T.P.I.K.A.