Navajo Tears Bookmark

By Omak

(also known as Apache Tears)

This is an afghan pattern I converted into a bookmark! <g> Crochet in back loops throughout except for first and last loops (crochet through both loops of first and last sts on ).

Pattern is determined by multiples of ten and how long you want the item. Leave a length of thread at beginning and ending of each row to create the fringe.

Ch 50

Row 1 - 3:  Sc in back loop only of each chain - working ALWAYS with right side facing.

Row 4:  Sc in back loops only of first 9 sc.  * Tr crochet around tenth post of first sc row, sk 10th sc. Sc in back loops only of next 9 sc of row 3.*
Repeat from * to * across row.

Row 5: Same as Row 4, except sc in back loop only of first 10 sc, and tr crochet around the post of Row 2.

Row 6:  Increase the number of first sc before treble post in Row 3 - work across row in established pattern.

Row 7:  12 sc before treble post in Row 4.

Row 8:  Begin row. Do tr in next sc of Row 5 - and work in established pattern.

Work pattern until piece is as long as desired. Turn piece upside down and sc in each ch of beginning ch.

Omak 3/21/99


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