Omak's Amazing Grid Hotpad


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The grid is created in multiples of 3 - each square consists of a dc, ch 2, dc - must be odd numbers of squares when you have the finished grid.

(Sample hotpad is created on a 13 X 13 square. The sample grid is 23 X 23 squares.)

Sample Grid

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Bedspread thread
Size 1 steel crochet hook

Chain 71.  Dc in 5th chain from hook, * ch 2, sk next 2 chains of beginning ch and dc in next st *.  Repeat from * to * across to end of chain.  (23 squares).   Chain 5, turn (counts as beginning dc and ch 2).

Work back and forth on grid, dc ch 2, dc - chain 5 at beginning of each row and end with a dc.

Find center square.

The ruffles are created by dc's - 5 dc on each ch 2 space and on each dc post.  Sl st in beginning dc of your first 5 dc group.  If you change colors, cut thread and hide under dc as you crochet.  The outer row is created one of two ways:

In the pictoral sample, each blank space has 5 dc, remove hook from work, slip into center st of next 5 dc, draw crochet loop through and do 5 dc on next post.

The second way is to work 5dc on a blank post, sl st across next 5 dc and continue around.

In EACH corner, using either manner, you will sl st around the 10 dc that you made on the next to the last row.

When I do this as a solid colors (rather than changing colors on every row), I sl st across the first five dc of the finished row in order to get to the next row.

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