Little Girls Curl Hat
By Markelle Mielenz

Picture pending.

This is one Curl Hat that does travel. There is a lady in Japan making one, and Alaska. Computers plus patterns plus nice people equal WONDERFUL THINGS.


4 oz 4 pl yarn
Red Heart knitting worsted seems to hold the shape of the curls better.

F crochet hook

Directions: Chain 13.

Row 1 - dc in second ch from hook. dc in each ch to end of row (12 dc) ch 3 turn.

Row 2 - Working in back of stich, dc in each dc across, inc. 1 dc in last st. (13 st) Ch 3 turn.

Row 3 - 8 Work as for row 2. Inc. st beginning of odd rows and at end of even rows. This makes all increases on same edge.

Row 3 - 14 dc

Row 4 - 15 dc

Row 5 - 16 dc

Row 6 - 17 dc

Row 7 - 18 dc

Row 8 - 19 dc

Row 9 - Work dc across, ch 65 turn. 3 sc in each ch st for 55 chs. Curl made. Work dc in 10 ch and over 19 dc of previous row. Ch 3, turn.

Repeat this row 8 more times with numbers of curl chains below.

Work 8 more rows of dc, dec. one st on each row to correspond with other side of hat. Continue around hat to half way point on one side.

Tie Directions:

When you are slip stitching to the end like it says to work your tie, I have found that putting the tie in the middle of the band instead of on the end looks one hundred per cent better and seems to keep the hat more secure.

Ch out 75 st for tie, sl st back on chain and continue around hat to other side. Repeat ch out 75 for tie. sl st back. Tie off.

Make chain to tie curls. Ch 30 with separate piece of yarn. Tie up curls and add two pom poms on top of curls.

Curls should be of different length for best effect.

Curl one        65 chains

Curl two       80 chains

Curl three       90 chains

Curl four        100 chains

Curl five        115 chains

Curl six        100 chains

Curl seven        90 chains

Curl eight        80 chains

Curl nine        65 chains

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