Star Chairback Book No. 105

Crocheted Chairbacks, Church Laces
and Shade Pulls


The American Thread Company

These patterns coming soon!!

Please click on the pattern name.

These dates are approximate. If I have time I'll throw them up sooner.

Any patterns not already onsite will be on hold until the end of summer 2000 unless I get some free time before then.

Chair Set with Grape or Pansy Trim.

Fan Chair Set

Rose Filet Chair Set    On Hold.

Grape and Chalice Design Church Lace    On Hold.

Rose Design Church Lace    On Hold.

Cross Design Church Lace    On Hold.

Bird Chair Set    On Hold.

Pineapple Chair Set

Puff Stitch Shade Pull

Tassel Shade Pull

Triangle Shade Pull    June 1st, 2000

Cluster Stitch Shade Pull    July 1st, 2000

Popcorn Stitch Chair Set    On Hold.

Spider Lace Chair Set    August 1st, 2000

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