"Never Crochet on a Train"

or "Marinka's Hooked"

Like most of you I enjoy doing 2 or 3 things at the same time, and as a former currencies trader it comes naturally. Juggling work, both full time and part-time, and my volunteering does not leave me much time for crafting. Besides the usual times we find the time to crochet, I crochet at work when I am developing new projects, but most of all I crochet on the bus and subway rides to and from work.

Once while exiting from a subway car the ball of yarn I was working from fell out of my shoulder bag without my noticing it (yes I was crocheting while exiting!) until I heard the commotion and felt a tug. I turned to see the doors closing and a number of people scrambling to pick up something off the floor. Eventually I realized it was my ball they were chasing and trying to toss out, without I might add succeeding.

As the train slowly started to pull away it dawned on me that the other end of that yarn was looped through the handles of my bag, securely wrapped around my finger and being fed into the next treble stitch on my hook. I looked up to see the frozen expression on a woman's face; she was holding my ball of yarn and her glance had travelled the same path to my hands. By this time the train was speeding up and the yarn was strung tight, without thinking I braced myself and held on for dear life - I think! When the snap came it still caught me off guard and I landed on the softest part of me! It was fortunate that I was working with pure wool and not nylon or polypropelene I could have been dragged... do you think?

I wonder what that women did with my ball of yarn? The thought to just drop the whole thing never occured to me - would it to anyone who was just finishing the last row of a very complex pattern on a large shawl? Makes one think in retrospect...


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