~~~   Random Acts of Crochetness   ~~~


Open to members in good standing of the Crochethook email list only.
Please go back to the Contents page and use the sign up button there.

A member in good standing is up to date on all exchanges, or (pending approval of the RAC coordinator) has made the exchange leader and the RAC leader aware of the circumstances in the delayed/missing exchange item.


A random act of kindness is something you do to brighten someone's day,
without expecting any reward--something you do, just because you want
someone else to feel good.

Instead of regular exchange, where you receive a puffy for a puffy mailed,
you'll receive a list of names and addresses of other members of the group.
When you feel like it, you can pick a name and mail a puffy, just to send
some joy to another member.  It can be as simple as a small fridgie or a
crochet doo-dad stuck in a card that says you're thinking of them--this is
not a demanding or time consuming responsibility (:  

You can send only one, or you can mail something to everyone on the list, it's
your choice.  If you get RAC'ed, email the list, to share the surprise and fun
with everyone else, and to let the one who RAC'ed you know how much you appreciate it.

For now, the RAC list will operate in rounds--this one will last from the last
sign up date until December, when there will be a new sign-up and people can
also choose to leave the group.  Later, it maybe be different, and I'll announce any changes as they happen.

As a sidenote, I will also be co-ordinating DAC's (direct acts of crochetness).
Those are reserved for people who are facing difficulties, and can even be sent to the friends and family of list members.  If you know of someone who needs cheering up, email me, and I'll send a notice to the list.  When people respond, I'll give them the information.  That information will not be kept on file as part of the RAC, and DAC's do NOT need to be crochet related--that will be up to the sender as to it's applicability.

If you'd like to join, remember you must be a member of the Crochethook email list!!! Please contact me, Pacific, by email on the list with a subject heading something like, "Pacific - RAC" and I will give you my email addy and let you know what information you need to send me.

Please remember that the RAC/DAC information is private--do NOT give it to anyone who's name is not on the list, and in the case of DAC, to anyone at all.

Thank you.
~The Great and Powerful
~Keeper of the RAC/DAC~
~Mayhem in September co-ordinator~