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Karadin's Creature Crypt

Welcome to my site of "creature kits". This site has been totally re-constructed as you can see. Everything has been updated to make things easier for you to browse. The picture page of kits I'm working on has been done with thumbnails for you to choose from, and hopefully I'll be adding to them a bit more. In the meantime, enjoy your stay, for it may be....permanent, should you anger my keepers....

Here's a link to one of my favorite garage kit sites...of which I'm a member of it's webring.

Gremlins In The Garage

This is a link to some pictures of some kits I am currently working on.


ahhhhh! So you've stumbled upon the ghoulish keepers of my website I see! Not only do they watch over my kits, but my guestbook as well. You may want to sign it BEFORE you exit, otherwise, they may not let you go.....

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