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This page is the jumping off point to my various song pages. A lot of the songs you will see here are my lyrics put to familiar tunes. My lyrics are copyrighted, but the songs are posted for you to use freely with Cub Scouts or other youth organizations. I only ask that when you use the songs (and, I hope you do) that you leave my name on them for credit, and you do not change my lyrics.

My song sites will be works in progress. I will from time to time be adding new songs, or removing some - especially the seasonal ones. I may, in time need to separate the goofy songs from the gross and gruesome to accomadate more songs. These types of songs are going to be your boy's favorites, and a good place to start if you are just beginning to include songs in your Cub program. You will find that the boys really enjoy the silliness or grossness of the lyrics, and forget that they thought singing was uncool. In fact, introducing silly and gross songs, may earn you the reputation for being a "Cool" leader. Should you need a song on a particular theme, and you can't find one here that you can use, please feel free to e-mail me and ask if I have one that may not be posted.

Of course, I can't take credit for all the songs you will find here. Many are traditional, folk, from other internet sources, or of unknown origion. If at any time, you see a song that you may have written and I have not given proper credit, please e-mail me immediately, and I will correct the situation.

Why are songs important in Scouting? Well, in addition to being fun, they teach the boys the life skills of working together, and following directions, and also improve a boy's memorization, while he learns the words. The songs you teach your Cubs now, are one aspect of the program that they are not likely to forget when they themselves are adults, and they will pass these songs onto their children, creating a heritage and bond between generations. And, you thought songs were just for pleasure!

So, warm up your vocal cords, and remember the wise words we in Scouts live by when it comes to singing - "If you can't sing well, sing LOUD!" (I, sing loud )

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And, On To The Songs:

Who says you can't go home?
Graces For Cub Scouts And Others 8/6/00
Repeat-After-Me Songs/Rounds
Miscellaneous and Seasonal Songs- Pinewood Derby, Boat Regatta and More! 5/3/98
Gross, Gruesome, & Goofy Songs 8/6/00
Cub Scouting Songs 8/6/00
Serious, Reverent, & Inspirational Songs 5/3/98
Cub Scout / Boy Scout Links
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