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Hands-On Helper to the Rescue

CAUTION: SHOCK, SURPRISE, THRILLS, BURSTS OF EXCITEMENT, AND CREATIVITY MAY OCCUR WHEN SURFING THROUGH THIS SITE. PLEASE KEEP BOTH "HANDS-ON" AT ALL TIMES UNTIL THE RIDE COMES TO A COMPLETE AND FINAL STOP!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Hi, my name is Chris. I am currently a junior in college, and quadruple majoring in Early Elementary Education (K-3), Elementary Education (1-8), Special Education (K-12), And Psychology. No, no I am not crazy, however, that could possibly explain the psychology. For those of you searching for fun, creative and interesting hands-on activities for young children, look no further you have just found it. This site was created to simplify what you are looking for. I have created a collection of activities that I have personally developed and used in projects, lesson plans, class assignments, simulated lessons, field experiences, and tutoring. Please feel free to use any of the activities I have listed in your classroom, at home, with baby-sitting charges, at camp, etc. If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, or activities please let me know. I am always looking for new and interesting activities and ideas for this site.

Hands-on Activities