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DO YOU THINK that in the year 2010, they Ought to issue a special postage stamp to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the 1710 Palatines in America?! Good idea!!

Herkimer, NY should host a 300th year "homecoming" for all the descendants of all those early Palatine emigrants..(!)

Fireworks!! Authentic costumes!! Early German-American foods!! Historical books pictures souvenirs antiques reproduc- tions dances buildings etc..!!!

IS eleven years (1999-2010) long enough to get organized..?? Oh no, it's going to require Money, and Effort, and Interest..!!! Oh well, it's a fun idea, anyway..!!

DIDJOONO that there is an:

1. EDIC Rd just across the river north of Utica, NY, containing several EDIC homes..? It appears that EDIC families have lived on the spot since their ancestor Jacob EDIC (a Revolu- tionary soldier) settled there in the early 1790's..

2. EDICK Rd is found in Richfield Springs NY

3. EDICK Rd is also found in Stratford NY

4. EDICK Pond Dr is located by EDICK Pond in Parish NY

5. South EDICK Ave is in Red Lodge MT

6. EDEE Rd is at Saratoga Springs NY

THERE used to be a post office, and a nearby trolley stop, called EDICKS, out in the Town (=township) of German Flats, southeast of Herkimer, NY..

QUESTION: DO ALL Edick's and Edic's pronounce their name ee-dick.. or, do some of them pronounce it ed-dick..??

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