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SUPERIOR SOAP BUBBLES!!! the magic of glycerin

How many of you know how to make superior soap bubbles? Well, my friends, this is the page for you. Read: YOU CAN BE A SUPERIOR BUBBLE MAKER TOO!!!! To make these bubbles, you need some stuff. Like, a bottle of Dawn or Joy dishwashing liquid (specifically Dawn or Joy- no other soap will do!), 250 mL (milliliters) of Glycerin, a gallon of distilled water (once again, ONLY distilled- nothing else will do!), a 2-liter mixing bowl, a beaker or graduated cylinder to measure water, soap, and glycerin (Hence, three graduated cylinders or beakers!), stirring rod or large spoon, and bubble blowers, with which to make beautiful, strong, long-lasting bubbles.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 100 mL of Glycerin with 100 mL of Dawn or Joy dishwashing liquid. Add the glycerin/dishwashing liquid mixture to 850 mL of water. Stir. STIR! DO NOT SHAKE! MASS AMOUNTS OF BUBBLES WILL BE MADE, AND OVERTAKE YOUR CITY! (Just don't shake the mixture.)

NOTE: If your mixture isn't that great, let it sit overnight or for a few days. Aging seems to make the mixture stronger.

SAFETY TIPS: Keep bubbles away from your face. The solution is very slippery, avoid spilling. With many people, like a class, it is best to work outside. Glycerin is an allergen, and may irritate skin and eyes. Contacting Glycerin with chronium trioxide, potassium chlorate, potassium permanganate will cause an explosion.

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