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Beneath, based in Columbus Ohio, was formed in late September of 1996. The band consisted of Josh, Mike and singer Dan who had just joined the band. Beneath's unique style of music comes from its heavy influences from individuals and bands like Machine Head, Pro-Pain, Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Pissing Razors, Drain S.T.H., Coal Chamber, Tori Amos, Korn, Pantera, Skinlab, Jewel, Testament(old to new), Old Sepultura, Type O Negative, Old Metallica, Old Megadeth, Alice In Chains, and Demolition Hammer.

Beneath played its first show on June 22, 1997 opening up for Saddleback Shark at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. They didn't have a bass player at this time and had decided to play the show without one. Despite the lack of bass they were still deemed extremely heavy especially for not having a bass player.

Presently, Beneath is playing shows all around the state of Ohio and are working on new material as well as better mixes of older material.

A big thanks to Machine Head for letting us party with them, Stuck Mojo for hanging out with us and watching us play, Max Cavalera for your words of inspiration, Sevendust for all your help, faith, down-to-earth-ness, and numerous times chilling with us, Crush Efekt for supporting all local music(you guys kick ***!!! Keep it up!!!), the guys formerly of Underdawg for being cool enough to see past barriers, love the music for what it truly is, and help us when we needed it, and last but definitely not least, our good friends Nate and Chance for helping us with our gear and being such kick ass friends. Thanks!!!

And to all the people and bands who actually cared and gave us the time of day, we hold you in the highest respect. Thank you!