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My Qbasic Page

This is my qbasic page. It's not much right now but i am working hard to get it setup so please bear with me and check back later.

Check out my two cool graphic files, a cool graphic demo, and a Mistify-like screen saver. For you math people there is a Mandelbrot set program for visual basic 5.0 here.

These are zipped so you will need winzip or pkunzip.

Coming soon: tutorials on medium to advanced programming topics in Qbasic.
SVGA is up and running! After many problems and interruptions, I can set screen modes, get mode info, and set pixels. **Update 12/4/98 -added EMS support, lines and boxes are kinda working -end update** Lots of work to do yet.

Ok, now that I've started college I have much less time for programming :-( I've pretty much stopped programming in QB but I found this really cool language that I recommend to anyone who can read this. It's called Euphoria and is located here. When & if I complete my current projects in that language I will post them here and redo this whole page.

This is how many people have visited my page (sniff)
since 4/8/98:

My first Qbasic tutorial is here! Check it out here.

Like the Mandelbrot set? I have a pretty picture of part of it in large, (1024 * 768 *256) medium, (640 * 480 * 256) and small (320 * 240 * 256) sizes.
5 more pics:
Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5

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