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Millennium Force will not only utilize the new elevator cable lift system, but will also use a new seating format. The red, blue, and yellow, stainless steel trains will have "Stadium Style" seating, where each of the seats is a little taller than the other, so that riders, no matter where they are sitting, will get a full view of the park from 310 feet in the air. You can see this format in the pictures provided.

Also, Cedar Point will be adding Magnetic Tecnology to the design of Millennium Force. Friction brakes are a thing of the past, in reference to the new magnetic brakes that will be used on MF. The magnetic brakes will provide a much more smooth stop that will not cause that feeling of jerking, as the friction brakes sometimes do. Also, in addition to the magnetic brakes, Cedar Point will replace the "Click, Click, Click" of the anti-rollback system with the silence of a magnetic system. This will add to the smoothness of the elevator cable lift. More information on Cedar Point Firsts will be added soon.

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