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Gojira, aka Godzilla, aka The Lizard

Subaru Legacy Outback
A station wagon for use outdoors

One of my main reasons for choosing this car was to carry camping gear to off-road sites. It can fit in small places, and it doesn't tear up the ground like a truck.

Some cars live clean, easy lives. This one does not. I use it to haul bulky and heavy cargo on a regular basis. On the left is a load of pine tree trunk sections, and on the right is a load of limestone for a campsite fire ring.

Sometimes it carries loads that won't fit inside it. I keep a pair of ratcheting cargo straps in the car, which allows me to secure many kinds of loads to the roof rack.

But sometimes, I just run it empty and have fun with it in unusual places. It's at home on a snowy set of switchbacks, or the sunburned sands of a beach. The all-wheel-drive is always engaged.