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Alex's Cooking Page

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For me, cooking is a very sensual experience, full of flavors, aromas, colors and textures. It ties together the harvest from the garden and the table full of guests. And in my particular case, much of this involves peppers. I've collected these culinary links, followed by gardening links with an emphasis on fruit and vegetable gardening. Suggested additions are welcome.

Chile Heads

An online community in its own right, rich with information on the cultivation and use of peppers.

Smoking and Grilling

A collection of images and descriptions of ways I've cooked with fire, or have seen others do it. Includes links to other bbq-related sites and resources.

Reference Resources

Culinary references sources such as recipe lists, cooking shows, and web rings.

and Harvesting

Links to cultivation and harvesting, including botanical references and processing guidelines.


A mix of growers, chefs, vendors, maniacs, and the curious, centered around the
Chile-Heads Home Page.

Reference Resources

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Gardening and Harvesting

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I chose these sites for their large collections of links and search features.