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åiti maa

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åiti maa ( I-T MA) means Earth Mother in Finnish. åiti maa began as an idea for an album of women's song and poetry. It has since progressed into an alternative/folk type band. The sound is unique, a blend of ballads and quirky, upbeat songs, as well as songs with an edge to them. The use of harmonies and textures give the music a unique, organic sound.

The band came together in April 1996 and is currently putting together an EP of their original songs. This women-fronted act is available for gigs! Contact Caroline Spence at for more information and to book this dynamic act.

åiti maa is based in Toronto.

The art on this site is © Gwen A. Brown - licensed by Aiti Maa Creative Living Co. 1997, all rights reserved.

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For more information, please E-mail Caroline Spence at