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*** Before Zuckerbaby ***

Zuckerbaby was not the first band in any of the member's life, they each had a couple bands before they finally formed Zuckerbaby. Calliope was one of the most successfull. Calliope consisted of Andy, Reed, Ted, and Dan Porterfield. After recording the album though Dan left and they got Wayne. Calliope have put out an album (see Below) and did a tour or two but didn't make a video.


1. A Prayer For Reptiles
2. Groovy Beat Parade
3. Happy Secrets
4. Evolution Peace & Tragedy
5. Liquid Touch
6. Seasons Change
7. Desire
8. Lightning Girl
9. Lonely Place
10. Fiend of Glory
11. She Feeds
12. Memory in Vain
13. One More Ride

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