The Presidents Of The United States Of America
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The Presidents Of The United States Of America

"Fifteen minutes north or south of Seattle we're nobody." Chris Ballew

  • 4-18-00 Well, well, well, look who decided to start back up again. Yes, it's me. Sorry for the lack of anything out of me lately peopl, but I'm a busy individual. I need some feedback on what you want to see out of this little site. Do you want MP3s, mainly new info on SUbSET, email updates, or what. Email me and yell at me a little bit. Oh yeah, if you go here, you can find a little bit about what's been going on with the ol' boys.

  • Chris has officially released a CD with his side gig called The Giraffes. The CD is titled The Days are Filled with Years. I have not heard any of it yet. It was released in February 2000.
  • Dave is partaking in the Uptight's new CD. I have no idea when it will be released, or how much he is on the CD.
  • Check it out, I have a new email address, so be sure you change it if you happen to have it stored anywhere. But don't worry I still have the other one too so email me on which ever one you prefer. The new one is: and the old one is still:
  • Well, well, well, what do we have here. The Presidents are back at it with a fourth member. The fab four-minus-one has added rapper/DJ Sir Mix-a-Lot, well known for his hip-hop hit "Baby Got Back." Check out the profile for past stuff by Mix-a-Lot and come back soon for more details. The new group will be known as SUbSET, the lower case b is supposed to be there.
  • There is a new PUSA Tribute Album that will soon be coming out. It is being created by a some PUSA loving bands that haven't quite made it. To get more information on this soon to released in which you can only order over the internet, go to for more info.
  • I know it's been a while, but I am now finding new material to add to the old site, and I am updating pics and such, so keep coming back to catch more new stuff.
  • You can get it here first. PURE FROSTING is the new album. It's due out March 10th, but, you can get it by advance ordering it. It will show up in your mailbox that very day through CDNOW. Just click here type in Presidents of the United States of America, and place your order.
  • Their B-Sides and stuff album still isn't out yet, but it should be here by summer, hopefully.
  • The band's version of 'Video Killed The Radio Star' is out on Adam Sandler's new movie, "The Wedding Singer".
  • Chris is almost complete with a solo recording. I hear it has stuff he did before PUSA, during PUSA and of course after the break.
  • Da Band

    PUSA Lyrics, and Discography(Many Thanks To Durv)
    Visit the Rest Of Durv's Page, at Planet NUrfeta

    Presidential Pics

    Presidential Files:

    The very first concert (ticket)I went to was the Presidents. It was at Peadody's Downunder, in Cleveland, Ohio. This was back in 1995, before they hit it big. The concert was on election day(November 7), a very fitting day for it. This was a great concert, it started off with Love Battery, a grunge type band, that wasn't too bad. During the act, Jason popped up behind the booth were the T-shirts were being sold, and he was talking to the guy back there, and to others that came up. After the opener, the stage guy was messing around with the equipment. During this time, Chris came out of his dressing room, and was checking out the scene. It just so happens, my friends(Dan, Brian, and Christine) and I were standing right there. Dan said hey, shook his hand, and talked for a second, I shook hands and said, "What's Up?". Christine and Brian just sort of stood there(they didn't really know who PUSA was then). Then the guys got onstage, and rocked out, of course starting with "Kick Out The Jams". The entire concert and encore were just awsome. One of the best parts was during "Naked And Famous", the fourth song. This was during the time Art Modell left Cleveland and pissed everyone off. So during the song, Chris added some lyrics, they go as follows; "I met an owner who didn't like the smell of it, and took his ball club to Baltimore just for the hell of it!" This shows how spontanious he can be. All together, I'd have to say that this was a pretty good first concert. More Files.


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    Survey Time!
    What is the best PUSA song, tell me. I'll post them when I get enough.

    As of now, 18% of you have said Lump. Next is Peaches with 13% and Dune Buggy with 8%. Keep the votes coming!

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