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Strawberry Shortcake Checklist 2003-Present


Bandai Dolls


Berry Best Friends:


Strawberry Shortcake w/ Custard cat


Sweet Spring SS w/ Pupcake dog


Berry Ballerina SS w/ Custard cat


Pretty in Plaid SS w/ Custard cat


Giddyup SS w/ Custard cat


Stylin' SS w/ Custard cat


Berry Glow SS


Berry Sparkly SS


Berry Pretty SS


Frutti Cutie SS


Berry Casual SS


Berry Gingham SS


Denim Days SS [#1 Berry Best Friends]


Pinky Days SS [#2 Berry Yummy Picnic]


Stylin' Days SS [#3 Berry Nice Surprise]


Island Girl SS


Tropical Girl SS


Hula Girl SS


SS Mermaid 1


SS Mermaid 2


Princess of the Ball SSC w/ Custard


Pretty Bride SSC


Dressin’ Up SSC


Berry Sweet Princess SS w/ Cherry Vanilla (Toys R US Exclusive)


Angel Cake w/ Vanilla Icing lamb


Flowers and Curls AC w/ Vanilla Icing lamb


Berry Pretty AC


Frutti Cutie AC


Denim Days AC [#4 Berry Big Mystery]


Island Girl AC


All Dressed Up AC


Ginger Snap w/ Chocolate Chipmunk


Sweet Smiles GS w/ Chocolate Chipmunk


Berry Pretty GS


Frutti Cutie GS


Denim Days GS [#5 Berry Neat Treat]


Island Girl GS


Orange Blossom w/ Marmalade butterfly


Girly Curly OB w/ Marmalade butterfly


Berry Pretty OB


Frutti Cutie OB


Denim Days OB [#6 Berry Fast Race]


Blueberry Muffin [#7 Berry Happy Day] [Cheesecake Mouse not incl.]


Denim Days BM [#8 Berry Fun Trip]


Island Girl BM


BM Mermaid


Rainbow Sherbet (Target Exclusive) [Triple Ripple Toucan not incl.]


RS Mermaid


Pretty Fairy RS


Coco Calypso (Target Exclusive) [Papaya Parrot not incl.]


Seaberry Delight (Target Exclusive) [Kiwi Sea Turtle not incl.]


Huckleberry Pie (Target Exclusive) [Shoofly Frog not incl.]


Berry Sweet Sisters:


Strawberry Shortcake & Apple Dumplin'


Summer Lovin' SS & AD


Holiday Sisters SS & AD


Berry Special Parties:


Happy Birthday Strawberry Shortcake


Jammie Party Angel Cake


Sunny Days SS


Berry Merry SS


School Rules Ginger Snap


Champion Honey Pie Pony


Berry Special Fashion Friends:


Urban Chic SS


Berry Shoppin’ Days SS


Talkin' Giggle Friends:


Miss Strawberryland Strawberry Shortcake


Snowy Days SS


Cheer Days SS


Picnic Happy Days SS


Shoppin' Days Angel Cake


Paintin' Fun AC


Berry Ballerina AC


Goin' Places Ginger Snap


Skatin' GS


School Rules Blueberry Muffin


Strawberryland Fillies:


Honey Pie Pony


Filly Parade Honey Pie Pony [#9 Berry Sweet Friends]


Honey Pie Pony 2 (Tropical)


Fantasy Sparkles Honey Pie Pony


Cookie Dough


Filly Parade Cookie Dough [#11 Berry Daring Jump]


Milk Shake


Filly Parade Milk Shake [#10 Berry Big Adventure]


Orange Twist


Filly Parade Orange Twist [#12 Berry Wild Ride]


Filly Parade Blueberry Sundae [#13 Friends Forever]






Butter Pecan


Cherry Vanilla


Fantasy Sparkles Lemon Ice


Fantasy Sparkles Huckleberry Hash


Danbury Mint Porcelain Dolls:


Strawberry Shortcake


Blueberry Muffin


Apple Dumplin'


Lemon Meringue


Huckleberry Pie


Raspberry Tart


Other Dolls:


Berry Magical Strawberry Shortcake


Bandai Plush Dolls


Berry Soft Friends:


Strawberry Shortcake


Sweet Spring SS


Pretty in Plaid SS


Jumper for Joy SS


Berry Merry SS


Pajama Glow SS


Joggin' Days SS


Island Friend SS


Cheerleader SS


Soccer Friend SS


Strawberry Shortcake (Wal-Mart Exclusive)


SSC Fairy


SSC Princess


SSC Frilly & Fancy


Angel Cake


Pajama Glow AC


Joggin' Days AC


Island Friend AC


Cheerleader AC


Soccer Friend AC


Ginger Snap


Pajama Glow GS


Joggin' Days GS


Cheerleader GS


Soccer Friend GS


Island Friend GS


GS Skier


Orange Blossom


Pajama Glow OB


Joggin' Days OB


Island Friend OB


Blueberry Muffin


BM Ice Skater


Joggin' Days BM


Rainbow Sherbet (Target Exclusive)


Island Friend RS


Soccer Friend RS


Coco Calypso


Seaberry Delight


Peppermint Fizz


Berry Mini Friends:


Strawberry Shortcake


Pretty in Plaid SS


Jumper for Joy SS


Berry Dancer SS


Berry Ballerina SS


Berry Ballerina SS 2


Spring Friend SS


Sundress Friend SS


Hula Girl SS


So Stylish SS


Bundled Beauty SS


Winter Beauty SS


Angel Cake


Berry Ballerina AC


Sundress Friend AC


Hula Girl AC


Winter Sparkles AC


Orange Blossom


Berry Ballerina OB


Ginger Snap


Berry Ballerina GS


Blueberry Muffin


Sundress Friend BM


Huckleberry Pie


Apple Dumplin'


Sundress Friend AD


Coco Calypso


Hula Girl Coco Calypso


Sundress Friend Seaberry Delight


Hula Girl SD






Honey Pie Pony 1


Honey Pie Pony 2




Vanilla Icing


Chocolate Chipmunk


Milk Shake


Cookie Dough


Orange Twist




Shoofly Frog


Apple Ducklin'


Honey Doodle


Papaya Parrot


Berry Mini Key Chains:


Strawberry Shortcake 1


Strawberry Shortcake 2


Strawberry Shortcake 3


Angel Cake


Ginger Snap


Orange Blossom


Berry Plush Puppets:


Strawberry Shortcake


Berry Ballerina SS


Angel Cake


Ginger Snap


Kellytoy Plush:


Strawberry Shortcake 13"


Angel Cake 13"


Ginger Snap 13"


Orange Blossom 13"


Pupcake 11"


Custard 11"


Soft Dolls:


Strawberry Shortcake 18"


Strawberry Shortcake 10"


SS Ballerina 18"


SS Ballerina 10"


Angel Cake 18"


Angel Cake 10"


Ginger Snap 18"


Ginger Snap 10"


AVON Poseables:


Strawberry Shortcake


Orange Blossom


Ginger Snap


Plush Filly and Friend:


Strawberry Shortcake and Honey Pie Pony


Other Dolls:


Berry Talkin' Friend Strawberry Shortcake


Singin' Surprise Strawberry Shortcake


Berry Talkin' Friend Apple Dumplin'


Bandai Miniatures


Berry Cute Girls:


Strawberry Shortcake


Berry Ballerina SS


Roller Skating SS


Strawberry Shortcake 2


Fun Day SS


Sassy & Sweet SS


Berry Days SS


Berry Sporty SS


Beach Club SS


Berry Fun SS


Sweet Fun SS


Sandy Days SS


Beachy Days SS


Angel Cake


Play All Day AC


Beach Club AC


Sweet Fun AC


Beachy Days AC


Ginger Snap


Cute as a Cookie GS


Beach Club GS


Sweet Fun GS


Beachy Days GS


Orange Blossom


Rad Plaid OB


Beach Club OB


Sweet Fun OB


Sweet Fun Blueberry Muffin


Beachy Days Seaberry Delight


Beachy Days Peppermint Fizz


Holiday Target Exclusives


Berry Happy Easter SS


Berry Cool SS (Christmas)


Berry Happy Easter AC


Berry Cool AC (Christmas)


Berry Happy Easter GS


Berry Cool GS (Christmas)


Berry Happy Easter OB


Berry Cool OB (Christmas)


Berry Sweet Wearables:


Strawberry Shortcake & Cute Keychain


Roller Skating SS & Cute Keychain


Berry Beachy SS & Cute Keychain


Jumpin' Fun SS & Cute Keychain


Sweet Spring SS & Berry Purse


Ice Cream SS & Berry Purse


Happy Birthday SS & Berry Purse


Berry Smart SS & Bracelet


Skate Boardin' SS & Bracelet


Peppermint Stick SS & Bracelet


SS with Snowman & Bracelet


Berry Cute SS & Zipper Pull


Best Friends SS & Necklace


Berry Ballerina SS & Zipper Pull


Berry Blossom SS & Necklace


Snow Ball Fun SS & Strawberry Locket


Forever Friends SS and Pupcake & Strawberry Locket [aka Pupcake Kisses]


Angel Cake & Cute Keychain


Flower Bouquet AC & Berry Purse


AC with Butterfly & Bracelet


Ice Skatin' AC & Bracelet


Party Time AC & Necklace


Lookin' Good AC & Zipper Pull


Pretty as a Picture AC & Strawberry Locket [aka Picture Perfect]


Ginger Snap & Cute Keychain


Ice Cream Dream GS & Bracelet


Holiday Treat GS & Bracelet


Goin' Places GS & Zipper Pull


Phonin' Friends GS & Necklace


Snow Ball Fun GS  & Strawberry Locket


Orange Blossom & Cute Keychain


Groovin' Movin' OB & Bracelet


Goodie Basket OB & Bracelet


Berry Skatin' OB & Zipper Pull


Butterfly Days OB & Necklace


Picture Time OB & Strawberry Locket


Blueberry Muffin & Strawberry Locket


Apple Dumplin' & Cute Keychain


Holly Day AD & Bracelet


AD and Apple Ducklin' & Bracelet


Sweet Dreamin' AD & Necklace


First Steps AD & Strawberry Locket


Huckleberry Pie & Strawberry Locket


Honey Pie Pony & Zipper Pull


Cookie Dough Filly & Strawberry Locket


Milk Shake Filly & Strawberry Locket


Orange Twist Filly & Strawberry Locket


Holiday Surprise Pupcake and Custard & Strawberry Locket [aka Berry Special Surprise]


Bandai Playsets & Accessories


Berry Cute Houses:


Strawberryland w/ Strawberry Shortcake


Cakewalk w/ Angel Cake


Cookie Corners w/ Ginger Snap


Orange Treehouse w/ Orange Blossom


Berry Cute Rides:


Strawberry Fun Mobile


Cakewalk Carousel


Cookie Jar Cruiser


Strawberry Fun Mobile w/ Strawberry Shortcake & Angel Cake


Cakewalk Carousel w/ Angel Cake & Ginger Snap


Berry Mini Lands:


Cake Decorating Strawberry Shortcake


Sweet Scootin' Fun Ginger Snap & Chocolate Chipmunk


Berry Cute Go-Hats:


Berry Patch Strawberry Shortcake


Cookie Kitchen Ginger Snap


Berry Cute Places:


Strawberry Basket w/ Strawberry Shortcake


Butterfly Surprise Ginger Snap


Berry Tropical Places:


Flower Garden w/ Strawberry Shortcake


Seashell Spa w/ Angel Cake [Seashell Hideaway]


Berry Play Days:


Beach Backpack w/ Strawberry Shortcake


Berry Sweet Playsets:




Berry Happy Home:


Berry Happy Home 1


Berry Happy Home 2


Berry Magical Castle


BHH Furniture Sets


Snuggly Living Room w/ SS


Comfy Bedroom w/ SS


Cozy Kitchen w/ AC


Filly Sets:


Berry Magical Carriage w/ HPP


Berry Sweet Princess SSC Set w/Prince  Huck and Pistachio (Toys R US Exclusive)


Other Accessories:


Strawberry Fashion Closet


Travelin' Fashion Closet


Filly Groomin' Salon


Berry Wear:


Rainy Days


Ski Days


Berry Sporty


Spring Fun



Playmates Dolls—Coming January 2006!


Flavor Swirl (6.5” dolls):


Strawberry Shortcake (Strawberry/Banana)


Raspberry Torte (Raspberry/Kiwi)


Lemon Meringue (Lemon/Lime)


Crepe Suzette (Cherry/Berry)


Tea Blossom (Grape/Green Apple)


Frosty Puff (Blackberry/Plum)


Tiny Treats (1” magnet dolls):


Strawberry Shortcake


Blueberry Muffin


Crepe Suzette


Frosty Puff


Play Date Pals (15” dolls):


Strawberry Shortcake & Custard


Crepe Suzette & Éclair


Lemon Meringue & Sourball


Playmates Soft Body Dolls


Charming Friends(5” key chain dolls):


Strawberry Shortcake


Raspberry Torte


Lemon Meringue


Crepe Suzette


Berry Beautiful (12” dolls):


Strawberry Shortcake


Raspberry Torte


Lemon Meringue


Crepe Suzette


Playmates Playsets


Berry & Bead Shops (1” magnet dolls):


Strawberry Shortcake’s Juice Shop


Crepe Suzette’s Boutique Shop


Frosty Puff’s Ice Cream Shop


Role Play:


Cute Perfume Set


Berry Picnic Set




Scootin’ Along SSC


Fruity Fun Salon





Reading Railroad Books:


Meet Strawberry Shortcake


Where Are Custard and Pupcake?


Berrylicious Bake Off


Strawberry Shortcake Goes to School


Strawberry Shortcake at the Beach


Strawberry Shortcake and the Friendship Party


Strawberry Shortcake Plays Soccer


Strawberry Shortcake's Snow Day


Spring for Strawberry Shortcake


Strawberry Shortcake Sleeps Over


Strawberry Shortcake's Field Trip


Meet Blueberry Muffin


Be My Valentine


Strawberry Shortcake's Seaberry Mystery


Meet Rainbow Sherbet


Halloween Play


Activity Books:


Sweet Stuff : Stamp Marker Book to Color


Berry Fun! Paint with Water Book to Color


Sweet as Can Be! Book to Color with Iron-on Transfers


Berry Special: Big Best Book to Color


Berry Cool: Big Best Book to Color


Glad to Be Me: Sticker Book to Color


Pretty as a Posy: Fuzzy Book to Color


Sweet Surprises: Amazing Marker Book to Color


Sweet and Sassy: Coloring & Activity Book with Stickers


Life Is Sweet: Coloring & Activity Book with Stickers


Growing Sweeter! Coloring & Activity Book with Stickers


Growing Better Every Day! Coloring & Activity Book with Stickers


Berry Best Friends: 400 Pages of Coloring Fun


Berry Best Friends


Berry Cool: Big Best Book to Color


Real Sweetie! Giant Book to Color with Activities


Life Is Good: Big Best Book to Color


Cool Kid: Big Best Book to Color


Berry Blossoms: Big Best Book to Color includes Stickers


Halloween Dress Up! Sticker Book to Color


Strawberry Shortcake (spiral-bound)


??? Book to Color


Sticker Stories:


It's a Strawberry World


What's Growing, Strawberry Shortcake?


Happy Halloween Strawberry Shortcake


Strawberry Shortcake Goes Camping


Berry Pretty Fashions


Strawberry Shortcake's Ballet Recital


Filly Show


100th Day of Strawberryland School


All Aboard Reading:


Berry Big Storm


Berry Best Friends' Picnic


Easter Bonnet Parade


Berry Thankful


Strawberry Shortcake's Filly Friends


Strawberry Shortcake and the Butterfly Garden


Strawberry Shortcake's Show-And-Tell Surprise


Christmas Is Here!


Board Books:


Apple Dumplin's Day


Hello! ¡Hola! Strawberry Shortcake


What's Baking Strawberry Shortcake?


Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Special Pets


Five Sweet Strawberries


Berry Fun Playhouse


Five Sweet Blueberries


Five Sweet Apples


Berry Princess


Scholastic Craft Club Books:


Berry Fun Book: A Color and Crafts Adventure


Adorable Apple Dumplin's Book: An "Everything Apple" Adventure


Angel Cake's Cupcake Book: A Sweet and Sugary Adventure


Orange Blossom's Fruity Fun Book: A Juicy Orange Adventure


Ginger Snap’s Cookie Book: A Sugar and Spice Adventure


Blueberry Muffin’s Book: An Adventure in Blue


Berry Best Friends Book: A Fun with Friends Adventure


Custard and Pupcake’s Book: A Pet Pals Adventure


Honey Pie Pony’s Book: A Fun with Fillies Adventure


Berry Best Party Book: An Arts and Crafts Adventure




Growing Better with Time


Growing Better with Phonics


Berrylicious Groups and Patterns (wipe-off)


Berry Fun Seasons of the Year (wipe-off)


Berrylicious Spelling (?)


Other Books:


Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Merry Christmas


Strawberry Shortcake's Magnet Playbook


Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Best Gardening Book


Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Yummy Cookbook


Strawberry Shortcake How to Draw


Berry Picnic Surprise: Deluxe Sound Storybook


Sweet Treats Contest: Deluxe Sound Storybook


Berry Fairy Tale: Cinderella


Berry Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty


SSC’s World of Friends


SSC Jigsaw Book


SSC Official Annual 06






Berry Merry Christmas


Strawberry Jams


Seaberry Beach Party Music


Dress Up Days




Amazing Cookie Party


Video Game:


Strawberry Shortcake Vol. 1 (GBA Video)


Summertime Adventure (GBA)




Meet Strawberry Shortcake


Spring for Strawberry


Strawberry's Get Well Adventure


Berry Merry Christmas


Best Pets Yet


Adventures on Ice Cream Island


Play Day Surprise


Seaberry Beach Surprise


Moonlight Mysteries


Berry Best Dress Up Day




Greeting Cards:




A Berry Special Hello


You're Berry Amazing


*You're Berry Nice!




A Berry Sweet Girl Like You


Everybody Wants to Wish You a Happy Birthday!


For a Sweet Seven-Year-Old


For Your Birthday


Hey, Cutie Pie!


Hey, Sweet Stuff!


Hi, Cutie Pie


Hi! It's Birthday Time!


Hi, Sweetie Pie


Hope You're On Your Way


It's Your Birthday


It's Your Birthday 2


Know What, Birthday Girl?


Sweetest of the Sweet


To a Berry Special Granddaughter


To a Berry Sweet Girl


Who's So Doggone Cute


You've Got That Special Something . . .




Berry Merry Christmas


For a Sweet Granddaughter


Granddaughter, You're a Sweetie!


Hi Niece!


Know How Much You're Loved?


Love You, Daughter


There's a Berry Special Reason


You're Sweet!




For a Cutie Pie On Easter




Granddaughter, Just a Halloween Reminder




Trick-or-Treat? 2


Mother's Day


For a Sweet Mom


Mom Happy Mother's Day


Mom Know What’s the Sweetest


To Grandma with Love


Valentine's Day


Love You, Daughter




Stickers #UVST 014J (Lt. Pink)


Stickers #NES 306K (Lt. Pink)


Stickers #NES O72G (Classic)


Stickers #NES 307J (White/Berry Cool)


Stickers #DPU 1394 (Red)


Stickers #NES 254J (Blue)


Stickers #NES 260J (Skinny Red)


Stickers #NES 261J (Skinny Green)


Stickers #NES 486G (Ballerinas)


Stickers #NES 255J (8up)


Stickers #UHST 314K (Halloween)


Stickers #UXST 063K (Christmas)


Stickers #NES 566N (Cheerleaders)


Stickers #NES 539L (Dress-Up)


Sticker Variety Pack #NES 608J (Purple)


Multicolored Heart Stickers #NES 606K


Clear Stickers #NES 610J


Glitter Stickers #NES 411J




Classic 2004


Contemporary 2004


Classic 2005


Classic Daily Boxed 2005


Contemporary 2005


Classic 2006


Classic Daily Boxed 2006


Contemporary 2006


Games and Puzzles




Colorforms Stick-Ons Game


Colorforms Play Set


Colorforms Big Easy


Colorforms Fun Pocket


Colorforms Colorfelt Play Board


SSC Fun Dough Tea Party Game


Strawberry Hunt Card Game






Berry Special Sleepover Party (Game with Magnets)


Berry Princess Hide and Seek Game




Inlaid Puzzles (4)


25pc Puzzle: Growing Sweeter


25pc Puzzle: Berry Best Friends


50pc Puzzle: Life Is Delicious


50pc Puzzle: Berry Fun


100pc Puzzle: Life Is Delicious


100pc Puzzle: Berry Fun


Wood Puzzle: ABC


Wood Puzzle: 123


50pc Puzzle Tin


100pc Puzzle Tin: Going Where the Fun Is


Globe Puzzle


Growth Chart Puzzle




Charm Dangler Gift Set (8 charms: SS, OB, AC, GS, HP, Pupcake, Custard)


Charm Dangler Gift Set (5 charms: SS, SS, SS, Pupcake, Custard)


Charm Dangler (3 charms: SS, OB, Pupcake)


Charm Dangler (3 charms: SS, AD, Custard)


Charm Dangler (3 charms: SS, AC, GS)


Charm Dangler (3 charms: SS, HP, SS)






Berry Special Christmas Ornament [2003]


Berry Merry Christmas from Custard [2004]


Strawberry Shortcake Holiday 3pc set [2004]


Mini Holiday Ornament 5pc set [2004]


Berry Sweet Photo Frame [2004]


SSC w/ Wreath [2004]


Berry Best Friends SSC w/ snowman and w/ Custard 2pc set [2004]


SSC w/ Berry Merry Christmas berry & Apple Dumplin' 2pc set [2004]


SSC in Nightgown w/ Candy Cane [2004]


SSC Holding Mug & Talking on Phone [2004]


Apple Dumplin' Sitting on Gift [2004]


SSC Ballerina glass ornament [2004]


SSC Holding Strawberry glass ornament [2004]


SSC Sitting on Strawberry glass ornament [2004]




Strawberry Shortcake Tin Trio [2003]


Sittin' Berry Pretty Strawberry Shortcake [2003]


It's Christmas Strawberry Shortcake [2003]


Apple Dumplin' w/ Tea Time Turtle [2003]


'Tis the Season for Apple Dumplin' [2004]


Strawberry Shortcake Cooks Up Some Holiday Fun [2004]


At Home in the Village - Tealight Holder  [2003]


Deck the Halls with Sweetness - Snow Globe [2004]


Easy as Pie Strawberry Shortcake w/ Custard [2005]


Raspberry Tart [2005]


Revised 9.18.05

Special Thanks to Jamillah of The Strawberry Patch for assembling this list and keeping us all up to date!!

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