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My Porsche 914

In 1993 my wife bought me a Porsche 914 for my birthday. :-) Since Illinois salts their roads during the winter we had to looked around for a while before we found one in good condition. We got lucky and found a guy selling '72 914 that had spent most of it's life in Texas so it was practically rust free! Since it had a blown engine and the guy's brother had given it to him, he didn't know what it was worth and I only had to pay $650 for it.
I was so excited by the fact that it was in such great condition that I didn't even realize it had airconditioning untill I got it home! Other nice add-ons include Reviera Mags and dual Weber 40IDF carburetors.
Since it already had dual carb's I decided to make a few changes when I rebuilt the motor. I increased the displacement from 1.7l to 2.1l. Since adjusting the valves is such a pain on 914s, I switched to a Webercam Hydrualic camshaft and lifters, now I never have to adjust the valves again! I installed an electronic ignition so I don't have to adjust the points anymore either. Finally I modified the transmission to a Side-shifter and installed a short shift kit.
Cosmetic changes include removing the side marker lights and sanding & painting the top to match the rest of the car. Now it looks like a coupé, in fact most people who aren't familiar with 914s don't realize it's a convertable untill I remove the top.

I'll put some pictures of my 914 up here as soon as I get them scaned.

In the mean time you can see a lot of nifty pictures and information on 914s at the Porsche 914 Club or check out my Porsche Links

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