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NoteWorthyComposer - Files, Hints and Tips

NWC and tablatures

Sorry for the lack of comments for now :-| But you can find more details in the "information" part of the files (i icon in the plug-in, NWC and NWP).

Miscellaneous techniques

(often made to show tips I give on the NWC Forum:

About the font boxmark2, beta 4

(First appearance (just the link) on Friday, 05Jul2002; information added Monday, 28Oct2002)
Here is a zip file containing an NWC file trying to show the new abilities of boxmark2, and a fourth beta of this font.

Feel free to write me what you think of it: what is to be enhanced, moved (for more convenient usage), or resized.

The main differences (compared to original boxmarks of Barry) are these:

addition of characters :
0039: reversed fermata (quote, "'")
0034: x (drum notehead, as 0164 ??) (double quote, """)
0045: simple slash (for quarters to be played as eights) (dash, "-")
0047: bold slash for repeated measures (beta3: reduced the space taken after the character, to allow nwcforum!2410) (slash, "/")
0058: double slash (for quarters to be played as 16s) (column, ":")
0059: idem, descending (semi column, ";")
0061: appogiatura (equal, "=")
0096: double slash (don't remember the usage) (backquote, "`")
0126: part of guitar "manche" (handle?) (for chord drawing, with 0202 and 0203) (tilde, "~";)
0128: |__ (Ç (or Euro sign), "€")
0129: __| (??? "")
0131: (to be changed. I used it to build 0132) (Florin??, "ƒ")
0132: strange drawing asked by JLGasset (low double quotes, "„")
0133: strange drawing asked by JLGasset (ellipsis (triple dot), "…")
0134: strange drawing asked by JLGasset ("†")
0135: strange drawing asked by JLGasset ("‡")
0164: notehead for drums ("¤")
0165: strange drawing found on 16th century music (JLGasset either?) (Yen, "¥")
0166: "pointillé" bar (broken pipe, "¦")
0171 and 0172: crescendo sign in two parts (opening french double quotes, ??? "«""¬") (may be ignored if you use crescendo.ttf)
0176: double whole (small degree, "°")
0177: longa? (not sure of the name in english) (more or less, "±")
0181: another one as 0165 (mu, "µ")
0186 and 0187: as 0171+0172, decresc. (degree, closing french double quotes, "º""»")
0202: part of guitar "manche" (handle?), cf 0126 (Ê, "Ê")
0203: fingermark, to be used with 0202 and 0126 (Ë, "Ë")
0250 to 0255: reversed items for Mozart/Bach funny ricercars. Reversed natural and reversed sharp could be suppressed/ignored I think, as IMHO they're the same as not reversed, but it is more comfortable to have them here. (ú "ú", Pound "û", û "ü", ü "ý", ý "þ", ÿ "ÿ")

Well, sorry if this is a bit mixed up!!!
I should move 0126 to 0201 either.
I also got a .xls file with no macro, since it is in XL3 format, that may help you to display all of the characters at a time, here too: (just change the font of "SymbolDisplay"style to display another font) or AllChars.xls.

As English is not my mother tongue, I'm sure many of the descriptions hereover are suffering a lack of clarity, or are badly expressed. Please feel free to contact me to enhance these descriptions!


You can send me some comments via email if you want.

Special usage

For the needs of my little son (5 years old) and his sister (3yo), I made a template for a small easy-accessible instrument, known to me as the "lyre russe". (A description is available here, from the web site of the vendor, Sentosphere).

An example of what to do with this template is here.
More details in the information part of the template.

The shape of that instrument is this (it really has 2 octaves, diatonic, so there are 15 strings):

             o------------XXXX------------o  (the XXs represent
            o------------XXXXXX------------o  a hole in the wood)

so for my children I needed a paper "score" where the notes would be written under the strings. So I made this template :^)
It should be printed in landscape layout, then remove (or fold) the upper corners to be able to insert the paper sheet under the strings.
You may want to draw thin lines between the notes in the order they have to be played.

Where do I find NWC?

More informations on NWC here ; you can download the browser plug-in (windows 32 bits (i.e. 95, 98, NT...) all versions) there. It's quick and efficient!! Free, and impressive. REALLY!! :-)

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