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Matt and Kenny passed out coming home from Columbus. 3/10/06 They have No idea this picture exists. Muhahahahahahaha

Hello everyone, and welcome to my homepage. My name is J-ROD, and I live somewhere in Ohio. Music is pretty much my life, so that is what you're gonna see here. Feel free to drop me an email. Pull up a chair, have a drink, and enjoy yourself. The Lounge is OPEN! Have fun.

(updated 3/8/05) If you haven't noticed by now, this page is dying a slow death. I've started a new blog HERE. I'll probably eventually use this page to bounce you to the blog page. I'll keep updating the Concerts Page here, tho. So enjoy the new blog, and feel free to leave comments. J

(updated 1/05/05) Well, It's 2005. Hope you all had a great New Years. I had a few invites to spend the evening elsewhere, but decided to hang out here at the house. It was fun though. I rang in the new year with a bottle of Boones Farm, (the good stuff), and listened to some great music.

My resolution is to travel more this year. I'm already planning a quick trip to the Chicago area, and a couple days in Vegas sometime in March. I also want to go and hang out for a couple of days in NYC. Go to some cool bars, search out some used record stores, and see a band or two.

I'm also thinking of taking off and just driving aimlessly for about a week this summer. I was going to do this last summer, but gas prices were outrageous, and my big-ass SUV uses way too much of it. One last thing before I go...... Check out this band. They're Swedish. They're based in L.A. I think you'll dig them.

(updated 12/22/04) So it's almost Christmas, and I'm thinking I've got my shopping done. I was going to drive to Columbus tomorrow to shop/visit friends, but they're getting snow by the bucketloads. I think they're calling for 2 feet by tomorrow. We got really lucky, tho. The front is going to miss us completely, I think. Very odd. I got the new issue of Rolling Stone in the mail today. I really hate this magazine. I didn't subscribe to it, it just started showing up in my mailbox. And the subscription expiration date keeps changing. It was originally a one year sub, but now it's saying Aug, 06. WTF? Why couldn't this happen to a good magazine, like, SPIN? This reminds me of when I was in high school. My sister, who was away at college, would fill out those loose sub cards in my name and mail them in. I was getting stuff like Forbes, and Skin Diver....that's not a porn mag, it's for scuba divers and crap.....I live in OHIO. There's no scuba diving in Ohio. I got those for about a year. They kept sending me bills, wanting me to pay for them. Figure the odds. I don't think it messed up my credit any....what am I thinking...I was fifteen...I didn't have any credit. So anyway......Have a Happy Holiday and keep your liver clean.

(updated 12/21/04) Hope everyone likes what I got them for Christmas.....

(updated 12/6/04) What? No entries in November? Damn ! I'm lazy! Actually, nothing's been going on lately to warrant an update. No concerts, nothin. Just sittin around here starin at the walls watching movies. I subscribed to Netflix and I'm lovin it. Hope your Thanksgiving was all good. I ended up eating way too much, as always. But damn was it good. Now I gotta start thinkin about buying presents for Christmas. I have no idea what to buy my family. It's that way every year. I really need to start taking mental notes throughout the year. I'll make a note to start taking notes, Mmkay? Ooh, the company Christmas party is this coming weekend. Last year, as you remember, (well, Hohman might not), I wore a toga. I'm keepin this years costume a surprise till Saturday. You'll see the pictures on Sunday, I promise. Alright, I'm outta here. If I haven't talked to you in a while, call me sometime and drag me outta this house. Take care and remember to keep your liver clean. J

(updated 10/21/04) Ok...So I got the new William Shatner cd this week....and I really, really, like it. It's more of a spoken word cd with backing music. It's just very cool. THe Killers show last week was excellent! Probably my second favorite show this year. The first being The Walkmen at Little Brothers. If you don't own The Killers cd, Hot Fuss, go buy it. Probably the best cd I've bought in a long, long time. I'm going to the Red Wanting Blue cd release party tomorrow night. Should be a good show. It will be the 34th concert I've seen this year. I'm aiming for 40. I should be able to reach that. I've got a few shows planned. Anyways....I'm going to bed. Later. J

(updated 10/13/04) Hohman and I went to Wheeling Island tonight to play the slots. That place was about twelve feet underwater three weeks ago. Fortunately they were smart enough to build the main "casino" floor well above that. The dog track is still closed, tho. We ended up big losers tonight. No champagne wishes or caviar dreams here. Just Boones Farm and cheese in a can. Not that Boones Farm is bad, mind you. I prefer to call it "Noble County Cristal". I'm heading to Columbus the next couple days to see some shows. Tomorrow night I'm seeing The Killers, and Friday night I'm going to see Flickerstick. I'm gonna meet Shane before the show Friday and eat at Patrick J's. Good food, good food. That's really bout all I got. Keep your liver clean. Later, J

(updated 10/02/04) ...and you say I never write. Yeah, yeah, I know...if this web page were a child they would've taken it away from me due to neglect and placed it in a foster home. (Robbie?) Just got home from seeing John Mellencamp. What a killer show. I ended up going to White Castle on High Street after the show. God Bless White Castle hamburgers and their clam strips. The Gallery Hop was tonight too, so there was people everywhere. It took forever to get to the Castle, but damn was it worth it. OOooooo I got high speed internet yesterday!!!! Surfing porn was never so fast. Ha! I had the PS2 hooked up to it earlier today. Played a game of Madden online and got beat, bad. Definately didn't bring my A Game today. I suck at Madden this year. I don't think I've beaten a human player yet. Hell, an 8 year old parapeligic could beat me at Madden. Seriously. Bought a few new cd's recently, you can see what I've bought down below. OK, that's it...goin to bed. Goodnight all. J

(updated 8/21/04) Hoo Whee! Hiya everyone. Really not much to report here. I've just been going to lots of concerts, which you can check out on the concerts page down below. I've also been working, as always. In between those things, I've been playing Madden 2005. That game kicks so much ass. I have yet to beat anyone. Hohman, Schock, and #2 all have handed me defeats. Fuzz is supposed to come over tomorrow night tho. Maybe I'll be able to beat him. I don't know what the deal is...last year I dominated Madden. Maybe it's because I'm using the Steelers. That could be it. Going to see Collective Soul this week. That's about all I got goin on. So I'm goin to bed now. Night.

(updated 7/17/04) Here's a link to the rest of my photos of Jerome. It's my Yahoo pictures page. It's the folder titled "Jerome". Duh. Yahoo Picture Page

(updated 7/17/04) I should've updated this earlier this week, but I was busy with work and stuff. I made another trek out to Arizona last weekend. Flew out on Friday and got to catch Ghetto Cowgirl and The Pistoleros at the Yucca Tap Room. I really like this bar. Kinda reminds me of the bars back here. Saturday, we (That's me, Terri, her boyfriend Alan, and KJ) drove up to scenic Jerome, AZ. Jerome is an old mining town that's located on the side of a mountain. If someone gives you directions to go up one street, they literally mean UP one street. It's pretty much an artist community now. The Elliots were playing up there on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, which was the reason we went. They played at a place called The Spirit Room, where Michelle Branch used to play and also named her first album after.

Just so you could have a visual.

We also got to see Stephen Ashbrook, a singer who used to live in Phoenix, but now lives in Portland, OR. He really packed the place. All the beautiful babies love Ashbrook. Good show, too. I flew back on Monday. There's talk of making another trip to Jerome in October....I'll let you know. I'm also thinking of a trip to Vegas next month, but that's not confirmed yet. That's it for now. Keep your underwear clean. J

(updated 7/02/04) Damn! What a kickass show tonight! Went and caught Hootie and the Blowfish at Wheeling Island. Ended up being one person away from the stage. (That's second row, for all you keeping score) I always get up front for Hootie shows. I don't push my way up there or anything, it just kinda works out for me. My good friend Doug drove in from Columbus to go with me. He ended up with a pick AND a setlist, dat bastard! Keeding...I keed. A good time was had by all. So how's your holiday weekend going so far? Good? Great? Grand? All three? Sweet! I'm going to Pittsburgh on Sunday to see Kiss/Poison. It's supposed to rain....my luck....the only show I buy lawn seats for and it's gonna rain. Hopefully it will hold off til Poison is done playing. Not that I don't want to see Kiss, but if you've seen them once, etc. etc. etc. Oh yeah, don't forget, I'm going back out to Arizona soon. I'll send you a postcard, Mmkay? That's it, I'm spent. I'm goin to bed. Night all.

(updated 6/14/04) Just got home from seeing The Darkness in Columbus. Great show. I think the opening band, The Wildhearts put on a better show, tho. Man was it hot today. I damn near got heat stroke mowing the yard. Seriously! I had to stop halfway through and come inside for a bit. I was getting all dizzy and light headed....felt like I was a blonde. Bwahahahahahaha. Gonna be on the road all weekend. Going to see Aerosmith and Cheap Trick on Friday (I still have an extra ticket if anyone wants to go...on me!), and I'm going to see The Living End in Columbus on Saturday. Gotta break the record of 29 concerts I set last year. I'm well on track to break it, btw. Oh yeah, DMB is coming up too. OK, gonna get off here and try to get a hold of Hohman. I'll tell him you said Hi. Later. J

(updated 5/29/04) The first really nice day in, like, two weeks....and I had to work. My lawn looks like hell. I started to mow it on Friday, but then it started raining. Oh well, at least the front is done. So when people drive past it looks decent -- as long as they don't notice the hayfields I'm growing on both sides of the house. ; ) I'm gonna try to get it done tomorrow before I go to Matt's party. It's supposed to rain, so we'll see. Went and saw The Von Bondies last night at the Newport. The "who"? you might ask? The Von Bondies. Remember last December when Jack White from the White Stripes beat the hell outta some guy? That guy was the lead singer for....The Von Bondies. It was a pretty decent show. I was really impressed with one of the openers, VHS or Beta. They sounded like an 80's band with an asian lead singer who sounds a LOT like Robert Smith from The Cure. Got all that? Good stuff, I tell ya. I'll take the camera to Matt's tomorrow, so this page won't be as damn plain looking with all this text. Time to drink sum beer. Adios Muchacho.

(updated 5/25/04) Wow! Another update! ...so I was reading the new issue of Spin today. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are on the cover, btw. And they had this article: "Here They Come To Save The Day: 25 Rock Underdogs" All critically acclaimed bands that most people haven't heard of....but I am really into. And it got me thinking how much my musical tastes have changed over time. And I think that's mostly because of the internet. It has really opened my eyes to so much different music out there. I urge you to look around as well, discover some lesser-known bands, and above all...support these artists you enjoy by purchasing their cds or going to their shows. Oh yeah, did I mention the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are on the cover of Spin? Gotta go. J

(updated 5/24/04) Geez, Been awhile since I've updated. Thanks to Kim for reminding me of that. ; ) One of the gang got married since my last posting. NO! Not me! Matt tied the knot last month. He was practically married anyway, so I considered this more of a formality. I'm just glad he finally found someone who wasn't clinically insane. Need I drop names? Didn't think so. Can you believe these gas prices? I've really cut back on concerts since they've went through the roof. I do have a couple next month tho. Got another trip to Arizona planned for July. Going to spend a couple of days in Jerome, AZ. It's a couple hours north of Phoenix, near Sedona. The Elliots are going to be playing a couple shows at The Spirit Room. That's the same Spirit Room that Michelle Branch used to play at and later named her first album after. I just worked a hella weekend to bankroll this trip. I ended up working 32 outta 48 hours over Saturday and Sunday. I was home to get a few hours sleep, and that's it. I haven't talked to Hohman or Fuzz in like, two weeks. Matt is having a party this weekend, so hopefully I'll get to hang out with them there. Work is really killing my social life. I think that's all I got for now. I'll TRY to update a little more often. Promise. Later, J

(updated 4/17/04) ....and you can all just kiss off into the air...Ahhh Violent Femmes, their entire North American Tour 2004 kicked off and ended tonight in Columbus. I've wanted to see these guys since I was in high school, which was....well, let's just say it's been awhile. And they didn't disappoint either. I'd say their self-titled, debut cd is in my all time top ten. They played all the hits, with my favorite being "Good Feeling". Hopefully I'll catch them again soon. Well, I DID make the trek out west once again, to say goodbye to my favorite bar, Long Wongs. They closed down for good on April 3rd and to celebrate, they had an all day big blowout show. So many great bands, so many great friends I've met there. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Dave Speed sang it best, quoting Living Colour..."Well you can tear a building down, but you can't erase a memory." So Long Wongs. Salud.

(updated 3/22/04) Great Big Sea....WOW! What a great show! I have never seen Little Brothers that packed before. They were turning people away at the door. The Push Stars opened up. I'll definately be seeing those guys again. Night all.

(updated 3/18/04) So I slept through St. Pattys Day......the greatest day of the year, and I missed most of it. Oh well, at least I didn't end up the way I did last year, and that's all I'm gonna say about that. What happens in Vegas - Stays in Vegas! OK...I got two....count 'em...two responses about whether or not to end this pathetic site. (Hi Kim....Hi Matt) That was really more than I expected to get. So it will stay....for now. At least I know SOMEONE is reading it. Other news... I'm in the market for a new vehicle. I'm getting tired of the Blazer.....and the outrageous gas bills. I'm just starting to look around, so nothing definate yet. I think that's all I got....yep, that's it. Off to make dinner and watch some tv.

(updated 2/25/04) I've been debating whether or not to keep updating this site. I started it about five years ago just so I could learn html a little better, (And I still suck at it, LOL), keep friends up to date with what's going on and just for something to do. If you think I should keep updating it, drop me a line or let me know if I see you. Now on to the update....Met Puddle Of Mudd last night in Columbus. This comes two days after their lead singer Wes was arrested in Toledo. It was really a great show. Cool bunch of guys. I think I ended up getting two hours of sleep before I had to go to work today. I came home and thought I'd take a quick nap after work, cause my ass was draggin....I fell asleep around 3:30....woke up at 8:00...Dammit! I'll never get to sleep tonight. Looks like another crappy day at work tomorrow. I've got three shows on tap next week. Tantric on Tuesday...L.P. at Little Brothers on Wednesday...and Jerry Seinfeld in Wheeling on Friday. My favorite bar in Tempe is closing. Long Wongs, where the Gin Blossoms were discovered, is being torn down. I'm planning a trip out to say my goodbye next month. I loved that place. Sniff...sniff......That's all I got at the moment. Peace out, mon chuckie. J

(updated 1/16/04) Giddyup! Happy New Year everyone. I know I'm late on that one, but I have a life.....ok, not really. Hey ! Got tickets to go see Jerry Seinfeld in Wheeling!! Thank yoooouuuu eBay! Went to Damons last night for a mini-reunion of sorts. It was Debbie, Todd, Waynette, Pike, Stump, Tabby, and myself. I really forgot how much I missed those guys. I need to get down there more. I just need to get out of the house more, period. Doug has been wanting me to get my ass up to Columbus. He wanted me up there tonight, but due to work commitments, I can't make it. Work always gets in the way of me having a good time! I need to play the lotto more, I think. Well, gotta run...to work, go figure. Stay warm, y'all. J

(updated 12/15/03) The company Christmas party was a great success!! Everyone loved the costume. I had all the women wanting to dance with me (hell yeah!). So here's the pic I promised.


Mind you, this was a formal party. I was the only one to wear a costume. So the count was: 500 people in their Sunday best, 1 toga. It's good to be me.

This has to be the picture of the night tho.
Hohman, do you realize how many bare asses have sat where you are resting your head?

He proceeded to throw a cup of water on me (not toilet water, I hope), right after I took that picture. It was a good night. J

(updated 12/6/03) Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Got to hang out with Hot Action Cop last weekend in Columbus. Those guys kick ass! They are gonna call me the next time they are planning on coming to town and I'm gonna hook up with them and take them out to dinner before the show. It's freezing here at the moment. Damn, I hate winter. Got the company christmas party next weekend. Everyone keeps askin me what I'm goin to the party as. Last year, as you may remember, I went dressed as a Hawaiian pimp. It was a big hit! Not sure if I can top last year, but I'm gonna give it a shot. I'll be sure to get a picture of myself so I can post this years costume up on here. I'm not gonna spoil the surprise before then. That wouldn't be any fun. Take care of yourselves, be warm, and buy me lots of cool presents. J

(updated 11/23/03) Dahm dose Wolverines! I had an Ohio State/Michigan party yesterday. We all sat around and watched OSU suck. Well, everyone but Kenny, who sat around all day rubbing his nuts. LOL!
That's Kole (The ref), Fuzz (five yards, holding), Kenny (with his nuts), and (We never see him anymore) Matt. Hohman was here too, but he was too lazy to move from the other side of the room.

It was a pretty good time. I think everyone is comin back over tonight for a little PS2 action. Well, gotta go figure out what's for dinner. Later. J

(updated 6/26/03)

Andrew J. Robinson


"And eagles fly through heaven, and I just found my wings..." Andy Robinson

(updated 3/30/03) Ok, people are bitchin that I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy! Not really. Vegas was SWEET! I've got the complete trip report HERE.

That's Me, Hohman, Fuzz, Matt, and Angela holding the Ozzy doll.

Here's another one I love....

(updated 10/07/02) You know the seasons are changing when Matt starts bringing bodies to stash at my house.
Dude! I told you.....under the porch...NOT under the couch!!!

(updated 10/21/01) Ok, ok.....got the pic of the Blazer. I had to clean it up before I took the pic. Here's my new baby.

(updated 4/24/01) Warm weather is finally here! Man, I thought this winter would never end. Vegas was a nice distraction, though. Had a great time and looking forward to getting back there soon.
Here's a pic at the Vegas airport with Heather, a good friend of mine who happened to be on the same flight as me and Watson.

Watson and I had fun, but I sorta wandered off and got separated from him downtown on Fremont St. Imagine that! We hooked back up later at the hotel, after the 100 mph cab ride from downtown to the Strip. Kinda reminded of the cabbies in NYC, actually. I took about 80 pics or so, and If I ever get off my arse and get motivated, I'll make up a new page. Did I mention I was looking for a new house? I hate living on a hillside and I think I found the perfect place.

Whadaya think, too big for just me?

Ok, that post makes up for all the non-posting I've been doing lately. So quit whining already! See Ya.....next update coming soon....J

(updated 1/11/00) I gotta keep updating this page more. My weekend in Phoenix was excellent. Saw some great bands (Pistoleros, Gas Giants, Peacemakers at the downtown celebration) and then we headed to Nitas Hideaway to see Gloritone. I was interviewed by 2 local AZ tv stations too! Fox 10 and Channel 3, I believe. What a way to spend New Years! I can't wait to go back. I think the Mook and I are gonna drive to Chicago on Feb 5th to see the Peacemakers. 8-9 hour drive...won't be too bad. Not much else goin on. Below is a pic of me with Gloritone. That's Tim, me, and Nick. I'm gonna put all my new years pics online within the next couple of days, so keep checking back. Later.

(updated 5/16/99) Just got home from my weekend in NYC. Man, I LOVE that city! Took the "Kramer Reality Tour" Saturday. If you are ever in New York, take this tour. The inspiration for Kramer on Seinfeld (Kenny Kramer) takes you on a tour of all the locations they used in the show. At the end of the tour, he took us back to his apartment complex and fed us pizza. A really good way to spend an afternoon. Here's the group picture we took in front of the restaurant Seinfeld always ate at on the show. I'm in the back row, left of center, wearing a white cap. I'm gonna get a better resolution pic from Kenny. P.S. My mom and sister are in the middle of the pic. they are both wearing dark sweaters.

Taken 5/15/99 in NYC

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