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Director Of "Clintonville Eye & Laser Vision Clinic"

"Laser Vision Correction: Prk, Lasik, & More" by Dr. Frank Davis, OD, MDIV, JD, Director Of "Clintonville Eye & Laser Vision Clinic". Dr. Davis personally answers your "Laser Vision Correction" & "Laser Eye Surgery" questions, and he provides current, updated information about "PRK", "LASIK", and other laser treatment procedures. Dr. Davis also provides the link to his Home Page, where he offers the newest EyeCare information on various "Vision Topics", and where he hosts an "EyeChat" room.

3826 N. High St. @ Richards Rd. (Near The "Park Of Roses")

Columbus, Ohio 43214-3527
Phone & Fax: (614) 262-0201


Dr. Davis is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date information about excimer laser eye surgery, which includes PRK (PhotoRefractive Keratectomy), LASIK (LASer In-situ Keratomileusis), and other refractive Laser Vision Correction procedures. PRK and LASIK laser eye treatments have made it possible for over two million people to see clearly without relying upon glasses or contact lenses. Find out the latest facts about PRK and LASIK, where to go for PRK and LASIK vision correction services, how to contact Dr. Davis for further information, and how to see Dr. Davis for an appointment. Be sure to "BookMark" this page, as Dr. Davis continually adds new "Laser Vision Correction" information.

About Dr. Davis....

Dr. Frank Davis, OD, MDIV, JD is the Director of the Clintonville Eye & Laser Vision Clinic in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Davis is certified by, and actively participates with international, national & local Laser Centers. Ever since Laser Vision Correction was approved for use in the United States, Dr. Davis has counseled and examined hundreds of laser vision candidates, and has performed numerous "Pre-Laser" & "Post-Laser" comprehensive eye examinations. To date, 99% of the Post-Laser Treatment patients seen at the Clintonville Eye & Laser Clinic are achieving 20/40 or better vision.

Dr. Davis has lectured community organizations about the "pros & cons" of Laser Vision Correction, and currently writes articles for national medical journals. For more detailed information about Dr. Davis' experience and credentials, "Click-On" this link: More Details About Dr. Frank Davis....


PRK is the most common Laser Vision Correction procedure which utilizes cool pulses of excimer laser light. It is used to correct myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism (football-shaped eye), and hyperopia (farsightedness). With PRK, no scalpels are used, no incisions are made, and the entire 30-to-60 second treatment is painless. Computer-controlled pulses of light are applied to the clear front surface of the eye (the "cornea") to delicately and precisely reshape the cornea's curvature.


The LASIK laser treatment is very similar to the PRK procedure, and is used primarily for higher prescriptions involving myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. Before the computer-controlled cool pulses of laser light are applied to reshape the eye's curvature, the doctor utilizes an instrument called a "microkeratome" to painlessly create a wafer-thin "flap" of tissue from the cornea. Next, the laser beam painlessly and precisely reshapes the cornea, and the flap is closed without stitches --- it seals by itself! This entire treatment requires approximately 5 minutes' time.

Will I See Clearly Immediately After Laser Treatment?

You will experience improved distance vision immediately following laser treatment. Many patients return to work within 24 to 48 hours. Your vision becomes clearer as your eyes heal and adjust to their new shapes over several weeks' time. Your EyeCare Practitioner will monitor your progress at his/her office at specified time intervals over a 12 month time period.

How Clearly Can I Expect To See 1 Year After Laser Treatment, And Beyond?

One year following laser treatment, 99% of patients seen by Dr. Davis at the Clintonville Eye & Laser Vision Clinic are achieving 20/40 vision or better, which is good enough to legally drive a car, in many states, without the requirement of corrective lenses.

Six years after laser vision correction, 91% of patients are maintaining 20/40 or better vision. If you become one of the few patients whose eyesight falls below the 20/40 "standard" due to a change of the cornea's curvature, then there is a good possibility that your eyes may be re-treated by the laser. One of the Laser Centers with which Dr. Davis is affiliated does not charge you for any laser re-treatments even if your prescription would change 5, 10, or 20 years after treatment. [For further details about "Laser Re-Treatment At No-Charge", "Click-On" Dr. Davis' personal E-Mail address at the bottom of this page, and ask him about "The Lifetime Commitment" Plan.]

Is Laser Vision Correction Safe?

Since 1987, doctors have performed over two million laser vision correction treatments, and no patient has lost her/his eyesight. As with all medical procedures, there is some risk involved with laser treatment. For example, a very small percentage of Post-Laser patients experience glare, or unintended over/undercorrection. All side effects typically correct themselves naturally over time, or can be corrected with a simple laser re-treatment procedure at no charge to the patient.

How Much Does Laser Vision Correction Cost?

The cost of laser vision is quite reasonable when compared to the ongoing expenses associated with eyeglasses and contact lenses. Also, the laser treatment fee covers the following services, equipment, and products: the doctor's expertise in operating the laser instrument; the laser equipment itself (a half-million dollar machine); use of the Laser Center's facility; all of your eye medications; and 1 year's worth of Post-Laser follow-up visits with your certified laser vision comanaging EyeCare Practitioner.

The cost of laser vision correction will also depend upon whether you receive the PRK or LASIK treatment. [To obtain specific fee information for your geographic area, contact Dr. Davis by "Clicking-On" his E-Mail address at the bottom of this page, and tell him where you reside.]

How Can I Find Out If I'm A Suitable Laser Vision Correction Candidate?

If you are willing to drive or fly to Columbus, Ohio, then Dr. Davis can personally provide you with a free vision evaluation --- Just bring your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription with you. Dr. Davis will discuss the entire laser process, and he will give you a laser vision "videotape", plus literature to take home at no charge. To schedule your free "Laser Consultation" appointment, please call our office managers, Joe & Ellen Priess ("Priess Opticians") at (614) 262-0201. To view the exact location of the Clintonville Eye & Laser Vision Clinic in Northern Columbus, Ohio, "Click-On" this link: Map Of Dr. Davis' Office Location.

If you are unable to come to Columbus, Dr. Davis can refer you to a laser certified EyeCare Practitioner nearest to your residence. Just "Click-On" Dr. Davis' E-Mail address at the bottom of this page, and tell him where you live.

Questions Or Comments?

Dr. Davis welcomes your questions and comments regarding Laser Vision Correction, this WebSite, or any Vision Topic --- Just "Click-On" Comments, Suggestions, & Questions, and fill in the "Comments" section. Also, be sure to check out the "EYECARE & EYEWEAR LINKS" list below.


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