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Bah Humbug! I Hate Christmas! Nyah!

Last updated: Dec. 28th, '97 (well, it's been updated in 2000, but just to tell you to e-mail me at the address at the bottom of *this page only*)

Please note that this page will stay up after Christmas, and I will be adding a couple of non-Christmas related sections fairly soon.

Hello! You have entered the Bah Humbug zone. If you also think Christmas Time is wretched in many ways, feel free to e-mail me and share your disgust. If you think this season rocks and I'm a dumb meany, well, you too can e-mail me.

NOTE TO ANYONE WHO WHO SENDS ME*E-MAIL*: My e-mail address is at the bottom of THIS page. I'm back in 2000 to tell you that the e-mail at the bottom of this page is the one to e-mail me at, now. Ok, now I'm going away. What you're about to read is what I typed way back when: I may very well post your e-mail on my page. Or I may not. I may edit it, or not. I may post your first name, or post you anonymously. Let me know if you have a prefference or want to be signed a certain something. And you can tell me to post your e-mail address, etc. This goes for ALL contributions to ALL sections of the site. .

I started this site because when I searched the web for anti-X-mas sites, I found VERY little. I got frustrated and decided to make my OWN dang "I hate Christmas" page. It should be updated soon.

You know, I didn't used to hate Christmas. Heck, I used to look FORWARD to it. But it's just gotten to be less and less enjoyable each year. Read on for some of the reasons, then check out the other sections of this site:

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Now read a bit about why this season makes me say "Bah Humbug".

The "buzz" starts too early. Before Halloween(my favorite holiday)has even come and had it's time yet, little signs that the season of stupidity and greed is begining start to show up. Those plastic snowman lights you see on the shelf at the store. The decorations starting to pop up at the mall(excuse me while I vomit, I also hate the mall). Milking X-mas for it for every drop it's worth, they rob halloween of some of its glory, and begin the long stretch of "cheer".

The "buzz". This is the part where commercialism comes in. This is the part about greed, about cheesiness, about phonyness, about crap. And not just a little crap. Not just some crap. Not just a buncha crap. Not even just TOO MUCH crap. We're talkin' loads upon loads upon loads upon loads, EVERYWHERE you go, EVERYWHERE you look. It reminds me of that annoying song "How Bizzare"...."everytime I look around it's in my FACE". There IS NO ESCAPE. It is shoved down our throats from October to January, and it is CRAP. It takes over everything. It's plastered everywher, choking and sufficating you untill you vomit uncontrollabely to the point where you have to be rushed to the hospital, which is decked out in bright, corny, commercial Christmas crap. So you vomit some more. Then you die. Ho, ho, !#@?!%$* off.

It's supposed to be a religious holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. Yet it is not generally treated as such. They even call it "X Mas"...what's that about? And what does all this commercial junk, or indeed just Santa and such, have to do with that????

Not everyone is a Christian, yet everyone is bombarded with Christmas Time Buzz.

It's supposed the season of "good will" and "giving" and "family" and "love". again, what does all the greed and commercialism have to do with that? What does stress and crazed shopping have to do with helping anyone, or anything substantial, or lovingness, or appreciating family and such? And what about people in need the REST of the friggin' year? Should we all just donate some stuff at Christmas and then think we've done our part and forget it? That seems to be the idea.

We are BOMBARDED with these images and expectations of how great and merry Christmas time should be, how it's all perfect with our wonderful families and friends. Well what about those of us whose lives are NOT perfect? What about if your having a hard time in life, and now you get smothered by all this stuff and you can't get away from its grasp? X-mas time is when more people commit suicide than any other time of the year. Know why? BECAUSE IT'S DEPRESSING!

Walking into a store, and being pummled with it. Those colors, those nausiatingly cheery decorations. And all the potential Christmas presents they push on you. SELL SELL SELL, BUY BUY BUY!

Sickening bright Christmas lights, in those colors again. EVERYWHERE.

Ho ho ho. Who friggin' laughs like that?

Fruit cake.

Red and green, red and green EVERYWHERE.

The trite, corny, crappy old Christmas music, played constantly, everywhere. And you thought "Crash Into Me" was overplayed.

Every other dang thing.

X Mas. Why do they call it this? Can somebody help me here?*Late breaking news: I've been helped. See "X-mas solved(?)" in the Feedback section.

As I type this, I have "Have A Holly Jolly bloody Christmas" running through my head. Pity me. And it's just begining. Soon....I shudder to think!