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"baby, it's the way you make me, KINDAGETMEGO crazy, never wanna stop"

Inspired by a song, a group, and a love of writing, is nearly six years in the making. Over the years, the writing on this page has gone from the simple to the serious to the humorous and to the romantic. In that same time span, Jacquie (aka JQ) has started college, switched schools, switched jobs, traveled heaps, gone to numerous concerts, made heaps of friends, and is now venturing into the worlds of "college graduate" and "married life". has always been for and about the writing. No matter what may happen outside in the real world, this site will remain online (as far as my server permits.) All the fanfics on this page WILL be finished long before this site ever comes down.

Thank you to all who have been here since the beginning, to all who have just joined our ranks, to all who have stuck by us during countless updates/server problems/indecisions.

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how do i love the bsb? let me count the ways...
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