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Some of the best BMX and Freestyle bikes

My Favorite Links

This is my friends web page for his band
This link tells about a great BMX magazine called RIDE BMX
This link is all about ROYCE UNION BIKES
This link is all about HOFFMAN BIKES
Tells all about the X Games
ESPN2 web page
A game where you can punch the crap out of celebrities.
Its a motocross web page


What is Freestyle and BMX?

Hi,My name is Adam,and I love to ride Freestyle.Even though most of you know what Freestyle and BMX is(because ya probably wouldn't come to this page if you didn't),I still am going to even it out for the "new commers". Freestyle is more of vert and dirt jumping than just racing.Unlike BMX in Freestyle you do tricks on halfpipes,street courses,and really big dirt jumps. You can also use pegs and gyros(If you don't know what pegs and gyros are you need to go to a different web page).I think the tricks in Freestyle are really complicated but once you get the hang of them its almost like when you were a kid and it was so hard to learn how to tie your shoes but when you finally learnd how you felt really dumb because it was so easy.Here are just some of the Freestyle tricks. You turn the bars compleatly backwards while in the air and then turn them back around to the front.

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