My Cats
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Several years ago I adopted a rescued, nearly feral young cat, Shadow. It took him six months to trust me. I had had him only a year when I moved in with my mother and Shadow escaped through a loose screen window.

I called about him every day, then every week, then every month, then every year.

Several months after his disappearance I despaired of ever seeing him again, some friends decided to sell their house and asked me to take their cats whom I had known since kitten hood.

I was so happy to have Magic and Pyewacket, especially through my mother's final illness.

After my mother's death, I moved to a one bedroom apartment, The cats were not happy; they can no longer go outside; the view, considered spectacular by humans, does not interest them.

Instead of looking out the window, they became depressed and looked to me for entertainment. So I spent extra money on cat furniture and toys.

Not too long ago, I got a call from the local Animal Control Department. They had found Shadow through the chip in his neck! "He ran away five years ago," I blurted out. They told me he had been found living an abandoned building scheduled to be torn down 15 blocks from my home. Astonishingly enough, Shadow seemed to recognize me and has been more affectionate than he ever was before he ran away.

Yhis is Shadow shortly after arriving home.

I did a slow, "one sense" at a time introduction and the two males tolerate each other. In fact, Shadow seems to have stolen the heart of Pyewacket (the female) away from Magic. There is still some jealousy over my attention and mealtime is insane. Shadow eats food as soon as it hits the floor and is now so fat I cannot even pick him up and the other two have lost the weight they put on after moving into the apartment.

Everyone seems pretty happy now, and I'm sure glad I have a double bed!