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Weatherfun is proud to have one of our very own members as a sponsor to our 2006 Reunion.

Mr. John Jensen, is the CEO and founder of


John has temporarily disabled his WXWARN1 service which offered a complete line of specially tailored notification services, A "FANTASTIC" service!! When John has WXWARN1 up and running again, we will be sure to notify you immediately!

Meantime, We would like to acknowledge and thank John, not only has he sponsored our past three reunions, but also stepped up and provided his services to members of the Weatherfun family in the past when there have been urgent community situations such as looming storms during a search and rescue, as well as assisting members who are in dangers way such as incoming hurricanes and tornado's.

John, Weatherfun is proud and grateful to have you as a member and We thank you for being our sponsor!! We look forward to WXWARN1's return with notifications.

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