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A Simple Shopping Cart

This will allow your visitors to choose from a list of priced items. The script will tally the items, add the tax and send the order to you. This demonstration uses a "mailto:" form with to a dummy address of "". If you click the "Send Order" button the order should be returned to you as undeliverable, so you will be able to see the way it works. Note: This type of form is only supported by Netscape and Internet Explorer 4.x. In a real order form, a cgi script would usually be used.

Item One ($26.15)

Item Two ($26.10)

Item Three ($26)

Item Four ($26)

Item Five ($26.44)

Item Six ($26.10)

Item Seven ($26)

Item Eight ($26)

Item Nine ($25)

Total PST (7%) GST (7%)
Grand Total
Company Name:
Contact Name: First Last
City Province/State:
Country: Code:
Phone: Fax:
Email Address:

(Just check the items you wish to order.)

1A Item 1 is a .... $15.00
2A Item 2 is a .... $30.00
3A Item 3 is a .... $45.00