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Weatherfun would like to extend our "Gratitude and Thanks"to Weems & Plath.

A Supplier to the 2006 Weatherfun Reunion, our many thanks to Cathy Trogdon-Vice President Public Relations and Weems & Plath for their wonderful contributions that helped to make our reunion such a wonderful success!!!

Weems & Plath donated this beautiful "Cutter Plaque from the famous "Cutter Collection". A wonderful addition for the weather enthusiasts collection ! Want one for yourself or perhaps a friend, then just click HERE.

The Cutter Plaque features a porthole front opening bezel mounted on a solid wood mahogany finish presentation plaque. AA battery operated, precision quartz clock movement. Aneroid barometer movement. Fully adjustable. Inch and millibar scales. Barometer movements are calibrated for altitudes to 3,500' above sea level.

They also supplied us with catalogs for everyone!

Weems & Plath have now been in business for over 75 years!!

They manufacture the finest in nautical instruments and are committed to supplying the world with the best products available. They produce a complete line of precision instruments for everyone one from the pleasure boater to commercial users, to our very own military. Their fine reputation has brought their products to a world wide status!!

We invite you to please support our sponsor and visit their website...just click HERE

You're welcome to also download a catalog in whole or part by going HERE

Weems & Plath are located at
214 Eastern Avenue
Annapolis, Md. 21403-3318
Telephone 410-263-6700

Feel free to email them for any help you need...and don't forget to mention you're a Weatherfun Member!

  Our many thanks again to all at Weems & Plath!

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