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Weatherfun would like to extend our most sincere appreciation
to our friends at

TAYLOR supplied the 2007 Weatherfun Reunion with some of the finest weather equipment available and fantastic prizes for the winners of the drawings and contests at the reunion!

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TAYLOR is the Number 1 name in weather equipment. With "150 years of Precision Measurement", their reputation for quality and performance products..what they call the "Taylor Advantage", make them the leading North American manufacturer of thermometers, scales, and weather related equipment.
They offer the best for everyone from the back yard weather observer to weather professionals, fitness centers, labs, and manufacturing plants.
You can download TAYLOR's latest literature HERE

Weather enthusiasts around the world will attest to the quality and precision of Taylor products!

Weatherfun members will back those statements as well. Many of our member have purchased Taylor equipment and give their highest recommendations on anyone doing the same. The quality of Taylor products and their excellent service speak for the reason that Taylor products have been around now for over 150 years.

To our friends at Taylor, and Mr. Phil Reeder, our many thanks for continuing to support Weatherfun as we try to help educate and help our members learn more about weather, and how to enjoy it safely, and with equipment that they can depend on. Friends, now don't forget....if you're in need of weather monitoring equipment...visit our wonderful sponsor,