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Weatherfun is proud to have STARSTONE SOFTWARE as a contributor and sponsor of the Weatherfun Reunions. Our members will attest to the great products they offer and the outstanding service they provide!

Check out their 3D interactive hurricane tracking software
Eye of the Storm

Track and learn about hurricanes, with an interactive 3D globe or screen saver. You can find, search and display historical storm tracks from over 100 years, print full color tracking charts and more! The CD-ROM comes with a library of useful articles on hurricane science and preparedness from NOAA, FEMA, and the American Red Cross. Eye of the Stormô promotes storm awareness, safety, and preparedness.

New for 2007! Now available for both PC and Mac!

You can check out Starstone's "Eye of the Storm" tracking software and much-much more at their Website

Starstone independently creates science novelty and educational software for the PC. Cool software that has a purpose, is fun and interesting to use, and who knows - you might just learn something... Science toys for a virtual world. At Starstone, Science Rocks!

Weatherfun is very grateful and would again like to say "Thank you " to our great friends at Starstone for their continued support over the years of Weatherfun and for helping to make our reunions such a great success! You're the best!

Prepare now for the 2008 hurricane season and help us support those who help to make Weatherfun the great group it is!

Starstone Software
Where Science Rocks!