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Weatherfun is very appreciative to our friends at Science Kit & Boreal Lab, for all their support of the Weatherfun Reunions.

Now, talk about a great place to shop!!!!... Wow!!...something for everyone in the family!!!!!!!!
They are the LEADING provider of science education products for K-12 teachers, home-schoolers, and hobbyists throughout the United States. Their science education product lines cover a wide range of disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Forensics, Physics and Scientific Inquiry. We carry a diverse selection of Scholar Chemicals, K-6 Science Products, and General Laboratory Supplies. They also offer their own Boreal Microscope and Teacher Developed Classroom Tested product lines. In addition they have hundreds of Recommended Materials Lists correlating to leading science textbooks.

Click here and we'll take you directly to their site, where we're sure you'll enjoy hours of browsing and shopping.

Weatherfun would like to Thank Mr. Thomas P. Rosenecker, National Sales & Marketing Manager, and Science Kit & Boreal Labs for being such a wonderful supporter of Weatherfun.

Let's show our appreciate folks, and visit their site....we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for......and more!!!!!!

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