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Reunion 2008 will be from July 10th to 13th. Since not everyone can come to the Reunion, we'd like you to have some fun with us anyway. How? Why with a contest of course. What can you win? Don't know yet, but you can be sure it will be something nice. The prize will be announced when we have a winner.

The question is what will be the High temperature for the day at Warren, RI on Friday July 11th?
The deadline to send in your forecast is Saturday, July 5th.

The member who forecast the correct answer wins the prize. If no one has the exact temperature, the winner will be the one closest without going over.

Now if you send in your forecast and someone has already picked that temperature, you'll be notified to try again. This way we won't have any ties.

You can send in your forecast by

Members Forecast Page
How High