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Reunion 2006 was once again held in the Rhode Island area with Jerry and Susan as our hosts. Headquarters was again at the Quality Inn. Many thanks to Meredith and her staff for meeting all of our needs.

Meredith and Lynn

Bill from Long Island and Lynn and the family arrived on Tuesday, July 11th. Jerry and Susan had arrived earlier.

On Wednesday, July 12th, we went to a vineyard.

On Thursday, July 13th Richard arrived and we went to a carousel and had a BBQ at Tony and Shirley's.

On Friday we had a kite flying contest outside. Andy and Debbie arrived in time for an outside picnic. This was followed by the Weather Quiz. We then went inside an watch a DVD on hurricanes with the main part on Katrina. Columbo made an appearance and the prizes were given out.

On Saturday, July 15th, Jerry came out of his room in the morning ready for snow. We took the Duck Ride around Providence, RI and had a big Cookout at Jerry's home that included a Survival Kit Quiz, snow on Jerry and Snow Making. It was also announced that Bill has started the process to have the WEATHERFUN logo trade marked.

Sunday, July 16th it was checkout time, to Bickford's for breakfast and our Goodbys.

You can see pictures of the various events by clicking on the links below.

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