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Words From Jerry
Hi. This is Bill from Long Island. Jerry is just getting over another one of his health issues, so I'm doing his words this month.

It was a warm and humid August here on Long Island. Of course the 2 biggest weather issues in August were the ongoing drought and Hurricane Isaac. While Isaac didn't present that big a problem with his winds, his rains were a major problem. I can't imagine getting 20" of rain like New Orleans did. Louisiana and Mississippi were the hardest hit and many weak, but still damaging tornadoes happened. Elsewhere the drought went on. As a results, food prices will and have been going up and with Isaac being in the Gulf of Mexico gas prices went up. Weather is playing a big role in our economy. Let's just hope that this Winter is another mild one so we don't have to spend a great deal of money on heating our homes.

Well that's enough for this month. I'll get down off my soapbox. lol

Bill from Long Island
Vice President

August's Weather
  • 1st: TD 5 forms in the Atlantic and heading towards the Caribbean.
  • 2nd: TD 5 becomes TS Ernesto east of the Windward Islands.
  • 3rd: TS Florence formed way out in the Atlantic.
  • 4th: A wildfire in Luther, OK damage: 2621 acres burned, 56 structures destroyed, 7 firefighters injured. Nearly 200,000 people lost power across northern IL including the Chicago area from storms.
  • 5th: Oklahoma City failed to reach the 100 degree mark for the 1st time since July 17th with high of 99 degrees. Florence is downgraded to a depression.
  • 7th: Ernesto becomes a hurricane with winds of 80 mph heading for the Yucatan peninsula. Late in the evening Ernesto made landfall along the southern Yacatan coast.
  • 8th: Ernesto begins to emerge in the Bay of Campeche and is expected to strengthen before 2nd landfall in Mexico.
  • 9th: Ernesto made landfall near the city of COATZACOALCOS, Mexico with 60 mph sustained winds and heavy rainfall. The death toll reaches 7. Invest 92 becomes TD #7 in the Atlantic. Drought expands to cover nearly 63% of the Lower 48 states.
  • 10th: The average high temperature through the first 9 days of August in Oklahoma City was 106.7 degrees.
  • 11th: TD 7 becomes a tropical wave, but still claimed two lives in Trinidad. Ernesto weaks over Mexico and then reforms in the Pacific and becomes TS Hector. Homes sustained major damage, some beyond repair from a later confirmed EF-1 tornado in Wilson Co, NC.
  • 13th: The NWS confirmed a microburst, not tornado caused minor damage in Riverside Co., CA on the 12th. 33 homes were damaged and 3 destroyed in severe storm west of Tucson, AZ.
  • 14th: The remnants of TD 7 moved inland over Central America.
  • 15th: TD #8 forms well out in the Atlantic.
  • 16th: 'Exceptional' drought now covers more than 6% of lower 48 states, mostly in KS, MO, OK, AR, NE. The heat reaches the NW with several cities hitting 100.
  • 17th: Remnants of TD 7 went back to the Gulf of Mexico and became TS Helene.
  • 18th: Helene weakened to a tropical depression and made landfall just south of Tampico, Mexico. Hurricane Gordon becomes a Cat 2 with winds of 103.6 mph. Heavy rain caused 2 men to be swept away in floods in the Dallas, Fort Worth, TX and one died.
  • 20th: Hurricane Gordon weakened and caused only minor flooding and power outages as it hit the Azores Islands.
  • 21st: Early in the day TD #9 formed east of the Lleeward islands and later in the day became TS Isaac.
  • 22nd: TD #10 forms well out in the Atlantic.
  • 23rd: TD #10 becomes TS Joyce.
  • 24th: TS Joyce becomes a remnant low far out in the Atlantic.
  • 25th: Interstate 95 and at least 15 other roads in the Roanoke Rapids area became impassable due to flooding rains. Numerous reports of tornadoes and funnel clouds over the Eastern Shore of Virginia. TS Isaac dumps rain on Haiti causing floods, mudslides and killing 19 people.
  • 26th: Delaware Beaches flooded with 10" of rain. TS Isaac made landfall in Key West.
  • 26th-27th: Tens of thousands of homes and businesses lost power due to TS Isaac's rain and wind.
  • 27th: A tornado caused by TS Isaac in Vero Beach, FL damaged several homes, but no injuries.
  • 28th: Isaac becomes a hurricane heading towards the Louisiana coast. TD #11 forms well out in the Atlantic. In the evening Hurricane Isaac made landfall in southeast Louisiana with top winds of 80 mph. TD #11 becomes TS Kirk.
  • 29th: Isaac went slightly south of west back over water, stalled for a few hours and then very slowly moved NW and made a second landfall near Port Fourchon, LA. This caused major flooding and power outages in LA, MS and AL. By early evening 690,000+ without power in Louisiana and Mississippi. 7 tornadoes struck southern MS & AL. Many homes were flooded in LA & MS with a number of people had to be taken from the roofs and attics by boats. Isaac later weakened to a TS. One death related to Isaac.
  • 30th: Nearly 1 million customers were without electricity across AR, AL, LA, MS. 2 injuries confirmed from report of a tornado that passed through Clarke County, MS. TD #12 formed well out in the Atlantic and later became TS Leslie and Isaac downgraded to a depression. 7-day rainfall total over parts of southeast Louisiana at 20"+ with 14 tornadoes. TS Kirk becomes a hurricane and quickly becomes a Cat 2.
  • 31st: The Death toll from Isaac rises to at least 7 in Louisiana (5) and Mississippi (2). August was the driest on record for Seattle-Tacoma Int'l. Only a trace of rain was recorded. Old record was 0.01 in 1974. Total rainfall for the summer months of June, July & Aug. in Sioux Falls, SD totaled 2.73 inches, making it the driest on record.

Starpoint Cam Acton, CA


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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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