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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome to the September issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter. Jerry is still having computer problems, so I'm doing his Words again this month. September 1st marks the beginning of Autumn according to the meteorological calendar.

August's big weather news was the continued record heat in many parts of the country and Hurricane Irene's striking the US and then dumping huge amounts of rain on the mid-Atlantic coast and into most parts of New England.

On Long Island, Irene knocked out power to a little over half the homes/businesses. I was lucky and only had the lights flicker a couple of times. Trees were down all over Long Island and along the Great South Bay many homes were flooded from the heavy rain, high tide and storm surge. My biggest concern with Irene was her storm surge. My sister Miriam lives by a canal in Center Moriches, which is further out east from me. I warned her that the water would come up very rapidly early Sunday morning as Irene made landfall. It was also going to be at high tide. Her house is probably around 75 feet from the canal and slowly rises from the canal to her house. Against my advise, she stayed in her house overnight. Around 9 AM the next morning as Irene had just made landfall, she called my from her house. The water had come right up to her house and stopped. She couldn't believe how fast it came up. I let her know how lucky she was. As of September 1st, there were still over 140,000 without power on Long Island from a high of 523,000.

Hopefully Jerry will be back online in September and you can hear from him how he made out with Irene.

Bill from Long Island


August's Weather
  • 1st: July, 2011 in Oklahoma was the warmest month of any state and of any month since records have been kept in U.S. A series of severe thunderstorms moved through the New York City region with hail, heavy rain and lightning that shut down almost all service on the Long Island Rail Road just before rush hour. July heat record highs were set or tied in all 50 states at some point during July. TS Emily forms over the Lesser Antilles.
  • 2nd: Pittsburg, PA hit 109, breaking the record for the day(102 set back in 1952)and for the month of August(107 set back in 1950).
  • 3rd: 147 high temperature records were broken and 55 tied.
  • 4th: TS Emily, never a well structured storm, becomes a remnant Low as it moved near and on Hispaniola, but her heavy rains killed 4 in Haiti, Dominican Republic. Dallas, TX had it's 34 straight day of 100+, set a record High of 108 and tied an all-time warmest Low of 86. The State Climatologist of Texas declared that the drought was officially the worst ever experienced. 40 of the 206 preliminary heat records in the country were 110 degrees or higher.
  • 5th: Indianapolis, IN established a new record by reaching 90F for the 20th day in a row. Thunderstorms dumped nearly 7 inches of rain in about four hours on parts of the Charlotte region, sending creeks out of their banks, flooding roads, and contributing to at least one death.
  • 6th: Emily regenerated into Tropical Depression in the southern Bahamas.
  • 7th: Emily dissipates for the 2nd time, this time failing to reach tropical storm status. Record set for consecutive days with rainfall totals less than 0.25 inches at Marquette, MI.
  • 8th: Waco, TX reached 100 degrees for the 40th consecutive day and it's the 2nd longest 100-degree streak on record.
  • 10th: An EF-2 tornado in Mayes County, OK caused 1 death and 2 injuries.
  • 11th: The NWS confirmed that an EF-0 tornado touched down in Monmouth Co., NJ on the 9th. Dallas failed to reach a 100+ falling short of 1980 all time record by 2 days for 100+ days in a row of 42. Midland, TX recorded 0.37 of an inch of rain the first measurable rain since May 20th.
  • 8th: After strong damaging winds, more than 53,000 lost power in Oklahoma.
  • 9th: Fort Smith, Arkansas officially ends consecutive streak of 100-degree days at 35 with a high of 96.
  • 10th: Wichita Falls, TX hits 100F for 50 days straight now, well past their previous record of 42 days in 1980. Hundreds of Delmarva Power customers in New Castle County in Delaware lost electricity after strong tornado-like winds and heavy rain.
  • 12th: Wichita Falls, TX still going as it this makes their 52nd day in a row of 100s & 78th day this year.
  • 13th: The measurable rainfall in Dallas, TX since July 16th. TS Franklin forms NE of Bermuda, but quickly becomes extratropical. The streak of 100 degree days for Waco came to end at 44, an all time record.
  • 14th: TS Gert forms well out in the Atlantic.
  • 14th-15th: Heavy rains of 2-5" fell from the mid-Atlantic into New England causing flash floods, flooding homes and causing some road closures.
  • 15th: At least 15 homes destroyed in large grass fire in Leander, TX. Houston, TX reached 100 degrees marking the 15th day in a row making a new record for consecutive days.
  • 16: Wichita Falls, TX had its 80th 100 degree day, setting the record for most 100 degree days in a year. Old record was 79 in 1980.
  • 17th: Portland, OR hasn't had a 90F day all year. Only once in 137 yrs have they not hit 90. For the 5th straight day of a person in the U.S. got struck by lightning. Lufkin, TX set a new all-time record for most 100-degree days in a year at 43. Dallas, TX recorded it's 50th day at or above 100 degrees so far this year; 4th most all-time. New record for the number of 100-degree days set in Monroe, Louisiana at 38.
  • 19th: Flash flood in Pittsburgh kills 4. Tropical Depression 8 formed off the coast of Belize.
  • 20th: TD 8 becomes TS Harvey and makes landfall in Belize. Tropical Storm Irene forms well out in the Atlantic. Portland, Oregon topped 90 degrees for the first time this year while also setting a new record high temperature of 96. The NWS confirmed that a weak EF-0 tornado tracked 3/4 of a mile across Ontonagon, MI and a killer EF-1 tornado that tracked 7.8 miles in Marinette Co., WI on the 19th.
  • 22nd: Oklahoma City made history by setting new an all-time record for most 100-degree days in a year at 51. Houston, TX set a record of 33 days of 100 degree days in a year. Irene becomes a hurricane and causes 800,000 homes to lose power in Puerto Rico.
  • 23rd: 2 tornadoes hit Wisconsin with 2 injured and bringing the total for year up to 35.
  • 25th: NWS confirmed a EF-1 tornado touched down in Chesterland, OH, causing significant damage. Heat-related deaths in Oklahoma hits 19. Houston, TX snaps streak of 24 straight days of temperatures at or above 100 degrees by reaching 95F. Rain in Philadelphia, PA broke the all-time wettest August w ith the total now at 13.08".
  • 27th: Hurricane Irene makes landfall near Cape Lookout, North Carolina with 85 mph winds and heavy rain and produced a small tornado in Sandbridge, VA destroying at least five homes and damaging several others and another tornado destroyed 17 homes near Lewes, DE. Waco, TX hit 110, smashing the old record of 106 and making it the 12th record high of the month.
  • 28th: Hurricane Irene made a second landfall on Egg Inlet, NJ as a cat.1 hurricane and then out over the oceas weakened to a TS and came ashore again at Coney Island. Irene weakened to a tropical depression and continued through New England dropping record breaking rain that flooded roads, rivers, streams and towns, especially in Vermont.
  • 31st: Millions from North Carolina to Maine lost power due to Irene and many were still without power at the end of the month. At least 41 deaths were caused by Irene. Irene's rains set record river levels in 10 States.

Top of Stone Mountain, GA

Deaths from Hurricanes

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US Deaths from Extreme Weather

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Did You Know?

New York City, NY & Philadelphia, PA set records for the most rain ever in any month.

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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