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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome Fellow Weatherfun members and the September issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter and Jerry's words.

The weather for August has been hot, with high humidity and high dew points. We have just now saw a trend to much cooler temps especially in the morning. I have already recorded a low of 48.8F yesterday morning.

The hurricane season although has been active, the two storms that have gone off of our coast have proved to be mainly rain makers, than wind storms. At this time we have Erika brewing but is poorly organized. We have to keep in mind that in this area the active part of the hurricane season does not begin until the second week of September, so we have a long way to go.

Some forecasters are predicting a very cold and snowy winter. Even the Farmers Almanac agrees with most forecasters. I have purchased extra fire wood just in case they are right. Conway, NH has already had frost advisories within the past week.

Fall can still bring some of the greatest weather of the year with mild days and cool nights. We hope to take a trip to the White Mountains after Columbus Day to see some of the greatest fall foliage that can be seen, on the east coast.

Bill's Hurricane Contest is coming along just great, and I am happy too see so many members participating this year. Someone is going to end up with a great trophy that they will be very proud of.

Remember to keep the second week of July open for the 2010 Weatherfun Family Reunion. Plans are already in the making for some great events and a return of a few great events of the past. Why not plan to attend this year?

Remember folks, this is your newsletter, and if you have a weather related article that you would like to see in a future issue why not send a copy to Bill or me, and we will see if we can put it in a future issue.

Until next month keep in mind that this is still summer. Get out and enjoy the great weather. Before you know it fall will be here and after that winter follows and that is not good. Maybe time to move in with Steve down in Florida.


August's Weather
  • 1st: There was a rare waterspout in the Gulf of Alaka
  • 2nd: Flooding rains in NE Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey with strong winds that knocked out power for many.
  • 4th: Parts of the Southwest saw temperatures rise to over 110 degrees. While strong storms in the Louisville, KY area brought heavy rains that flooded streets and many homes.
  • 6th: Severe storms in much of Montana. In Butte, golf-ball-sized hail smashed windows, roofs, gutters and siding; pummeled vehicles and trashed gardens and yards. There were close to 7,000 lightning strikes. In the city of Rapelje, 1.41 inches of rain fell in 20 minutes flooding roads.
  • 8th: Communities across much of southern Minnesota were cleaning up after severe storms moved through the area. Several parts of Texas had their 6th day in a row of 100+ making it the 34th time this year.
  • 12th: In Austin, TX powerful winds, hail and heavy rain knocked down trees, ripped up roofs and flooded roads.
  • 12th-17: Drought in California lead to a number of wildfires that were aided by strong winds and very dry air.
  • 13th: After a one day break, parts of Texas saw their 3 day in a row of 100+ temperatures, making 37 for the year.
  • 14th: Tropical Storm Ana forms near the Leeward Islands, but weakens quickly and disipates.
  • 15th: TS Bill forms well out in the Atlantic.
  • 16th: 23 homes were damaged by a tornado in northwest Cape Coral. More than 2,000 residents were ordered to evacuate their homes in the Santa Cruz Mountains as a wind-whipped out of control wildfire approached. Ana is downgraded to a depression and disipates. Heavy rain from tropical moisture caused some street flooding in New Orleans.
  • 16th-17th: TS Claudette Forms Off Florida Coast and comes ashore shortly after midnight bringing heavy rains and gust to near 50 mph.
  • 17th: Bill becomes a Cat 1 hurricane, still well out in the Atlantic. More than a foot of hail accumulated in some areas of Colorado as severe thunderstorms tore through the state.
  • 18th: Hurricane Bill becomes a Cat 3 and later in the day a Cat 4 well SSW of Bermuda. In Beaumont, TX a possible tornado touched down in a shopping mall damaging several stores and injuring a number of people. Another tornado touched down in Park County, CO with only minor damage to trees. Hundreds of century-old trees in New York City's Central Park were knocked down by a severe thunderstorm packing wind gusts as high as 80 mph and lightning.
  • 19th: Tornadoes in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa caused damaged, but no serious injuries.
  • 21st: Parts of Texas had their 7th 100 degree day in a row, making 44 of them for the year. While in northern Texas strong storms dropped 1-3" of rain and power outages caused by lightning.
  • 22nd: A powerful storm moved through Hampton Roads< VA flooding several Norfolk neighborhoods. In Spartan Village near Norfolk State University, the water was more than a foot high after about 20 minutes of rain.
  • 23rd-24th: Hurricane Bill stays well offshore, but brings rough surf to the coastline from North Carolina to New England. A huge wave sweeps several people into the water in Maine and an 8 year child dies.
  • 26th: Once again parts of Texas had their 4th 100 degree day in a row, making 48 for the year. TS Danny forms north of Puerto Rico. Warm weather descended on San Diego County having temperatures reaching 90, while inland highs teetered on the brink of the triple-digit mark.
  • 27th-28th: Nearly one foot of rain fell in areas of Iowa causing extreme flash flooding in several counties.
  • 29th: A massive wildfire that had already consumed more than 35,000 acres, exploded in three different directions in the mountains north of Los Angeles destroying more homes and threatening as many as 12,000 homes. At least 3 people had been injured by the wildfire. A tornado touched down in Canandaigua, NY with 90 mph winds that knocked down powerlines and trees, but luckily no injuries. 3 to 5 inches of rain fell on Lawrence Township in NJ, resulting in the closure of portions of several roads as well as the rescue of stranded motorists who drove on the flooded roadways. Danny is downgraded to a depression as it tracks north at sea along the East Coast bring rain and winds gusting to 40 mph in New England.
  • 30th: With wildfires raging on the outskirts of Los Angeles lead to having 2 firemen die driving to fight the fires.
  • 31st: After days of triple-digit temperatures and low humidity, the wildfire near Los Angeles became larger covering 48,000 acres and destroying 53 homes.

Nantucket Harbor

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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