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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to your September issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter, and what we call "Jerry's Words".

Well as I always say time just keeps flying by, and just does not wait for anyone. Here we are Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end of the summer season of 2007. But as you have heard Bill and I say some of the best weather can be had in our area in the month's of September/October. But we can already feel the hint of fall that officially arrives on September 23rd with cool night's and cool mornings. The summer as a whole has been warm here in Warren. Currently we are in a very dry spell with the month of August being 2 inches below normal in the rain department.

In the tropics we are currently watching hurricane Felix that as of this writing is a Cat 4 and soon will be a Cat 5 storm. So, far no strikes on the U. S. Mainland, but as you know the peak of the hurricane season is not here as of yet, and should peak around September 10th. Our peak here in Rhode Island are the months of September/October, so we still have plenty of time to see some action from the tropics.

As you know the 2007 Weatherfun Family Reunion was a huge success. We had our largest attendance, and everyone had a grand time. Plans are already in the making for the 2008 family reunion and should prove to be one grand time. Keep in mind that our reunion is always in the second week of July, so why not make plans now to attend, and join us for a grand time.

WEATHERFUN LOGO: One of the highlights of this year's reunion was when I received a phone call from Casey, who could not attend this year's reunion due to job commitments. Casey and Bill informed me that the process of getting the Weatherfun Logo trade marked was complete, and that we now have the exclusive use of this logo for our use. It has been Trade Marked by the U. S. government. You might have noticed me using the Logo on my post. You also as a member of Weatherfun can also use this logo on your post. You can download it from my wrap up at any time, and please feel free to use it on your post. It is our logo, and a logo that we should all be proud of. I would like to thank both Casey and Bill for the extensive work and cost that went into making this our official logo Trade Marked. One more great reason to be a Weatherfun member.

Remember this is your newsletter folks, so if you have a weather related article that you would like to see in our next issue, please feel free to send it to Bill or me, and we will see that it gets included in a future issue.

Until next month enjoy the remaining portion of summer, stay safe and keep an eye to the sky.


August's Weather
  • 3rd: Strong to severe storms in parts of Maine brought heavy rains, damaging winds and a possible tornado.
  • 5th: Strong storms in Illinois produced damaging winds and heavy rains. There was a tornado just outside of Chicago that torn down trees and damaged several homes and building.
  • 6th;-9th: Very hot temperatures across the country from the Plains to the East Coast and down to the Gulf. 90+ readings were common with some areas going over 100 degrees. On the 8th there were 114 cities that tied or broke their record High temperatures for the date and on the 9th a number of cities in the SE were over 100 degrees for Highs.
  • 8th: A severe storm in and around the New York City area dropped a EF-2 tornado in Brooklyn damaging buildings and knocking over trees. One death was reported to do the storm.
  • 9th: Storms pound Pennsylvania and upper Midwest with 3 tornadoes in Ohio and one death.
  • 10th-11th: Triple digit High temperatures continued throughout the South with many cities again setting record Highs.
  • 12th-14th: Record heat continues along the Gulf Coast and northward.
  • 13th: Severe weather dropped hail and included a tornado in parts of northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota with some hail measuring 2 inches.
  • 14th: TS Dean forms well out in the Atlantic.
  • 15th: Hurricane Flossie threatens Hawaii, but weakens and passes south of the island. TS Erin forms in the Gulf of Mexico near Texas.jTo date there have been 7 deaths due to the heat in Tennessee.
  • 16th: TS Erin crosses the Texas coast near Lamar with 35 mph winds, but dumps 2 to 10 inches of rain. Dean becomes a hurricane with winds reaching 100 mph by nightfall as he heads towards the Leeward Islands. Strong to severe storms in northern Indiana dumped heavy rain with 2 tornadoes that caused limited damage, while in Kentucky the storms knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses and resulted in one death.
  • 17th: Dean crosses the Leeward Islands killing 3 people and then becomes a Cat 3 with 125 mph winds, then by nightfall went to a Cat 4 with 135 mph winds and then 150 mph. The extened heat in the South and Midwest resulted in 37 deaths.
  • 18th: Severe storms deluged parts of the upper Midwest with as much as a foot of rain, causing flooding that washed away bridges and roads and killed at least four people in southeastern Minnesota and southwestern Wisconsin. The remnants of TS Erin intensified in Oklahoma dropping up to 7 inches of rain in the Oklahoma City area causing flash flooding and two deaths. Ten more deaths were reported in Memphis and in Alabama bringing the toll in the Southeast and Midwest to at least 49 since oppressive triple-digit temperatures settled over the region last week.
  • 19th: Hurricane Dean passed south of Jamaica, but was close enough to have winds gust over 100 mph, heavy rain, mudslides, downed trees, damaged homes and knocked out power.
  • 21st: Hurricane Dean came ashore on the Yucatan Peninsula near the town of Mahahual as a Category 5 hurricane with 165 mph sustained winds. The minimum central pressure was 906mb, and the eye was 15 nautical miles across. While parts of Ohio had flooding rains of 3-5" and a few places had up to 7".
  • 22nd: After crossing the Yuctan and weakening to 80 mph, Dean crossed the Bay of Campeachy and winds increased to 100 mph just before hitting Mexico a second time about 40 miles SSE of Tuxpan. There was more rain in already flooded Ohio. Storms with flooding rains over the past 5 days from Colorado to Ohio resulted in 22 deaths.
  • 23rd: Summer storms in the midwest knocked out power, flooded roadways, delayed flights for hours and a tornado in Michigan.
  • 24th: Houses were damaged, trees were uprooted and motorists were stranded on flooded highways after tornadoes, heavy rain and high winds tore through southeastern Michigan.
  • 26th: Severe storms in the Dakotas with an EF-4 tornado touching down in North Dakota.
  • 28th: Phonix, AZ for the 29th day this summer had temperatures 110+. Strong storms in Nebraska had damaging winds while Iowa had 2 weak tornadoes with limited damage.
  • 29th: TS Felix forms and moves westward across the Leeward Islands and then becomes a hurricane.

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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