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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to the September issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter.
I am writing this while on vacation in Nashua, New Hampshire on September 1st. September 1st is also the beginning of Autumn. Yes, meteorologically speaking Sept 1st is the first day of autumn. By the calendar however the first day of Autumn is Sept. 23rd.

I am sure that most of you are getting ready for school or college, and some have already started school. Our grandchildren have their first day on Sept. 6th. As I have said this past week two young men of Weatherfun have started or will start in a few days their first day of college. Susan and my grandson Derek, and Lynn and Ken's son Casey will start their college career and we wish the two of them good luck.

Last month Susan and I had the pleasure to visit Bill and Casey on Long Island. We had a great time and Lynn, Ken, Kelly and Billy joined us for the cookout and a great weekend. Through Weatherfun Susan and I have had the pleasure of meeting well over 35 great friends in person. As your founder Susan and I have enjoyed this great privilege.

At this time of September we are getting into the peak hurricane season for the northeast. Up to now it has been a very mild season. But as you know we are now in the peak season here in the northeast, and we should be prepared. Some of the most damaging storms in the northeast have been in this time period. Ernesto has just left the Florida area, headed north to the Carolinas and is now a major rain maker in parts of the northeast. So far we have been lucky, but please do not let your guard up, and take precautions for life and property.

Our next season to prepare for of course is the cold and winter storms. Yes, it is coming real fast and we should all prepare for the cold season. As you know I do not like the cold and snow. The cold and snow raises havoric with my health problems. So maybe in February we will head on down south to Florida and have another mini reunion in that area.

No matter if it is a hurricane or a winter storm, your Weatherfun members are here to help our fellow members in time of need. If needed please be sure to call on one of your fellow members and I know that they will continue to offer support for members who are involved in bad weather and need assistance.

Till next month please keep in mind that this is your newsletter. If you have an article that you would like to see in a future newsletter, please send the material to either Bill or me, and we will be sure to include it on a future newsletters.

Till next month stay safe and keep an eye to the sky.

Jerry Laroche

August's Weather
  • 1st: TD #3 becomes TS Chris. The very hot weather in the middle of the country moved to the East with a number of cities reaching 100.
  • 2nd & 3rd: Extremely high temperatures with high humidity continued in the East. Record High temperatures were set in numerous cities.
  • 4th: The Heat Wave that had gripped much of the country finally weakens, but at least 27 deaths were related to the heat.
  • 5th: In the El Paso area, a week of storms forced hundreds of people from mountainside neighborhoods and caused flash floods and rocks slides. More rain was in the forecast. Chris weakens and becomes a tropical depression and finally dissipates.
  • 5th: An F-5 tornado touches down in northern Minnesota. While there was damage, no one was seriously hurt.
  • 7th: Violent storms spawned a tornado in northwest Kansas causing much damage at a hotel with 4 guests hurt.
  • 15th: The latest in a series of storms that rolled throughout New Mexico in recent weeks that damaged roads, canals and homes.
  • 16th: In a searing Texas summer marked by drought and 100-degree days, residents of Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio are sweating out their hottest year on record so far, and the state as a whole is in the running for its most sweltering year on record.
  • 19th-21st: Warm temperatures in the Northwest with many areas reaching into the 90s.
  • 20th: At least 3 tornadoes were seen near Denver, CO, but luckily they all were over open farmland. In Arkansas strong storms dumped heavy rains with wind gusts to 80 mph knocking out power in many areas.
  • 21st: TD #4 formed off the African coast.
  • 22nd: TD #4 becomes TS Debbie.
  • 23rd: A severe thunderstorm swept in from Lake Michigan with high winds and large hail, leaving thousands of homes and businesses without power and causing some injuries in northern Indiana.
  • 24th: TD #5 formed near the Windward Islands. Two of a dozen tornadoes hit northern South Dakota were an F-three Tornadoes and hail struck several towns in southern Minnesota, killing one man, damaging cars and ripping roofs off at least a dozen homes. Heavy rain caused flooding in the Phoenix, AZ, turning normally dry riverbeds into raging rivers and trapping motorists.
  • 25th: TD #5 becomes TS Ernesto in the southern Caribbean.
  • 27th: Ernesto becomes a hurricane as Hatti receives strong winds and heavy rains of 6-10", which caused mudslides. Dallas, TX finally has daytime temperatures under 100 degrees.
  • 28th: Ernesto weakens over eastern Cuba to a Tropical Storm with 40 mph winds. Severe weather in Indiana with 2 tornadoes and Ohio with 3.
  • 29th: Just before midnight, TS Ernesto comes ashore in southern Florida with 40 mph winds and heavy rain.
  • 30th: Ernesto dumps up to 5" of rain on parts of southern Florida and is downgraded to a depression, but moves out to the Atlantic near the space center just before midnight and becomes a Tropical Storm.
  • 31st: Over the warm Atlantic, Ernesto's go to 70 mph and comes onshore just before midnight near Long Beach, NC with very heavy rain causing the most problems. Much of Texas had one of the warmest August ever.

St Thomas, Virgin Islands

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Did You Know?

There were over 200 deaths in the United States this past July due to heat.
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The WEATHERFUN Mall will be having a new addition later in September. It will be the WEATHERFUN Store. Watch for a special announcement this month.

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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