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Welcome to the September issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to your September newsletter.

As I told Bill just yesterday time is marching on. Here we are at September, and before we know it the snow will be flying and we will be thinking of winter storms. But, as you know we still have some great weather ahead of us. Fall here in the northeast can have some of the best weather of the year. Although Labor Day is upon us, and the unofficial end of the summer, we still have a lot of great weather ahead of us before the snow does fly. As you may have heard the Farmers Almanac is predicting a cold and snowy winter for the northeast. Well they have been wrong before and I for one sure hope that they are this year.

As you know the 2005 Weatherfun Family Reunion is now history. Again everyone had a great time, and we all looking forward to when we can meet our friends in person again. It was just great seeing everyone again and enjoying each others company, and listening to our weather stories. Who knows maybe we can have another mini winter reunion again next year, and we all look forward to the 5th anniversary Weatherfun Family Reunion coming up next July. Hopefully we can start plans the first of January for the 2006 reunion.

Of course the biggest thing we have going on right now, is the devastating hurricane Katrina. To say that this was a history making storm would be putting it mildly. Everyone knew that this would be a terrible storm, but I don't think anyone even imagined how bad it would be. To see what we are seeing today on TV is unbelievable. It was a storm that will effect all of our lives for years to come. Already we are seeing it's effect at our local gas stations.

As you know we are about to go into the peak hurricane season. Dr Gray just today released new information on the rest of this years hurricane season, and it does not look good. As I write this we have new storms forming in the Atlantic and this time next week we could be talking about the next storm. I know that we all pray that we will never see a storm with destruction that Katrina has done.

Unlike past storms Katrina has hit home here on Weatherfun. We have Don, who has moved north to get away from Katrina. Now, as you all know Don does not know what is left of his house when he returns to his home. We also have Kristen's father who was also effected by Katrina. This one hit home folks. We all pray that when Don, and Kristen's father is finally able to return to their homes that the destruction is not what they think that it is. We all pray and hope that the rest of this year's hurricane season is no where like Katrina was. Over the next several days I will be talking more online about Katrina.

Until we all meet again next month enjoy what is left of your summer. Get out and enjoy the great weather that can be had this time of the year. But again we all hope that the rest of the hurricane season is not what Dr. Gray says that it will be.

Remember this is your newsletter. If you have any articles or information that you would like to see here, please feel free to send it to Bill or me.

Stay safe and keep an eye to the sky.

August's Weather
  • 2nd: Storms in the Southwest caused flooding roads and flash floods in the valleys.
  • 3rd: TD #9 forms and then becomes TS Harvey and passes by Bermuda.
  • 3rd-5th: Record heat in both the Northwest and the East Coast.
  • 7th: TS Irene, the nineth named storm this season, a record for this early, forms well out in the Atlantic while much of the country continues to bake with record Highs set in several cities.
  • 9th: Heavy rain caused flash flooding in parts of Texas, while severe storms with hail and possible tornadoes in Wisconsin and upper Michigan.
  • 12th: Severe storms in the upper Plains with 2 deaths in Wyoming due to a tornado. On Long Island, an F-1 tornado hit the town of Glen Cove destroying 2 homes, but nobody was hurt.
  • 14th: Severe storms in and around New York City toppled trees and power outages. Some areas got over 3 inches of rain within a couple of hours. More heavy rain in parts of Texas causing flash flooding.
  • 17th: Rain in parts of the West helped in fightning the many wildfires.
  • 18th: Severe storms in Wisconsin with several tornadoes which resulted in one death and a number of injuries.
  • 23rd: TS Katrina forms in the Bahamas. This is the earliest for the 11th named storm ever. Much of Texas continues to bake with several places hitting 100 degrees or more.
  • Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in the early evening just north of North Miami Beach, FL with winds gusting to 92 mph and very heavy rain with some areas getting well over a foot of rain. At least 7 deaths were caused by the storm and over a million people were without power.
  • 28th: Hurricane Katrina becomes a Cat 5 with winds of 175 mph and takes aim at New Orleans, LA.
  • 29th: Hurricane Katrina comes ashore just Southeast of New Orleans as a Cat 4 with winds of 145 mph. From Louisiana to Florida there were heavy rain, storm surge, wind and flooding and Georgia was hit with a number of tornadoes.
  • 30th: The day after Katrina's passing showed massive destruction from southern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. 80% of New Orleans was flooded. The count of loss of life was over 100, but many more are expected.

Boca Raton Inlet Webcam

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