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issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome fellow Weatherfun members to he August Weatherfun Newsletter and Jerry's Words.

Our biggest topic is the Weatherfun Reunion that we just had. Although there were only a small amount of us we had a ball and a great time.

One important thing that we did was visit Andy. He was quite overwhelmed to see us all and very pleased to have us take the time to visit him. As some of you know Andy is now at home with Deb and enjoying being in his own home. It was great to see him.

We also visited Heritage Plantation in Sandwich, Mass. They had antique cars, and fire engines there along with Norman Rockwell, special pictures, and some great flowers. We enjoyed a great night at the motel with Bill asking us some weather questions. He had some very tough questions this year.

Saturday was spend at South wick Wild Animal Farm, where some of the wildest animals were to be found.

It ended Saturday night with a grand cookout here at my house, where Lynn and Bill passed out some great gifts with Jerry money for the auction.Sunday morning brought everything to an end with breakfast at Rogers not far from the motel. Everyone enjoyed a great breakfast and then it was time to say goodbye until next year and out next reunion.

I have some great events planned for next year's reunion, and if you have not attended a reunion in a while, this is the one to attend. A real great time will be had by all.

Jerry Laroche

July's Weather
  • 1st-4th: 1,157 High temperature records were broken.
  • 2nd: At least 39 states had at least one location with a high temp. of 90 or higher.
  • 4th: 64 cities had their hottest July 4th ever.
  • 4th-7th: Fort Wayne, IN. had four days of 100 F or higher, breaking a 1988 record of most consecutive 100 degree days.
  • 5th: Severe storms in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park knocked down trees and caused 2 deaths.
  • 6th: The heat wave continued with these cities hitting the 100s: Paducah, KY 107 St. Louis 106 Nashville 105 KS City 104 Cincinnati 104 Indianapolis 104 Lansing, MI 103 Chicago 103.
  • 7th: More heat: St. Louis-107 Washington DC-105 Indianapolis-105 Louisville, KY-105 Cincinnati-104 Nashville-104 Baltimore-103 Philly-101. At least 50 heat-related deathsoccurred over the past 2 weeks across several states from the heatwave.
  • 8th: 18 deaths were confirmed in the Chicago area due to the heatwave.
  • 10th: At least 75 deaths were blamed on the multi-week heat wave that gripped 2/3 of the nation.
  • 10th-13th: Dozens of homes were flooded in the Houston area and creeks flowed out of their banks from 5" to 15" of rain.
  • 18th: A Heat Wave continued in much of the country with these cities hitting Highes: Manhattan, KS-108 St. Louis-106 Kansas City-106 Baltimore-104 Des Moines-103 Washington DC-101 OK City-101 Philly-100. St. Louis, MO hit 90-degrees or higher for 21 straight days the 3rd all-time.
  • 19th: According to the U.S. Drought Monitor 63.5% of the USA is in a drought.
  • 21st: In Accomack County Maryland up to 6" of rain flooded roads and a tornado knocked down trees and powerlines, but no injuries. So far this year in the US there have been 13 people killed and more than 110 injured in lightning strikes.
  • 24th: Maine had it's first tornado. It was in Woolwich, but it only did a little damage.
  • 25th: Season 100-degree days: Phoenix-66 Las Vegas-44 Wichita, KS-23 Tulsa, OK-19 St. Louis-16 Little Rock-16 Denver-13 Springfield, IL-10.
  • 26th: Severe storms in the Northeast killed 3 people, caused power outages and had in western NY and norther PA that the NWS later confirmed 3 EF-1s, 1 EF-0 New York-2, Pennsylvania-2.
  • 28th: Flooding rains in New Jersey, SE New York and parts of Connecticut.
  • 30th: NWS confirmed an EF-0 tornado, which started as waterspout, hit Plymouth Co., MA on the 24th. NWS confirmed an EF-1 tornado (104 mph winds) tracked 2.1 miles across Wakulla Co., FL on the 29th.
  • 31st: Several cities not only had their hottest July, but also their hottest month ever.
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Cape Coral, FL

New Member

Welcome Alice - from Deltona, Florida

Lightning Deaths by State
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Do You Know the Signs of Hyperthermia?
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Hail is much more common during the months of May and June compared to July and August.
The main reason is the fact that the freezing level is usually higher during July and August as pockets of
cold air in the upper atmosphere are less common as the jet stream weakens and retreats farther north.

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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