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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Due to an electrical problem in the house, Jerry's computer got fried. So I'm doing Jerry's Words this month.

Many parts of the country continue to have record breaking heat. Currently TS Emily is looking to go pass Florida's east coast and then out to sea as we move into the active part of the Hurricane Season.

Last month we held our 10th Reunion. We all thank Tony & Shirley for having us over to their house for dinner on Thursday. The activities for the next 2 days were coordinated by Andy, who did a great job. Friday we went to New Bedford to visit the Whaling Museum. It was a great visit. If your ever in the area this is a must see. After having a takeout dinner outside, I held the Weather Quiz. Saturday we took a train ride along the Cape Cod Canal. A pretty ride and also much to learn from the announcer on the train. That evening we had the cookout followed by the auction. Andy was presented a Certificate for his great work about camp safety and the weather. We hope to be able to present a Certificate each Reunion to a member who has done something noteworthy about weather over the past year. Once again Lynn did a great job in getting our vendors to donate great weather items. Sunday morning it was breakfast at Rogers and then saying our Goodbys.

Oh yes, Columbo did show up Saturday evening and had a few things to say to Jerry. Once again it was a very successful Reunion.

Plans are already being made for next year's Reunion. You must come next year. You'll have a great time socializing, visiting places in the area, good food and winning weather items. Next year's Reunion is scheduled for July 12-15.

Bill Kaler
Vice President & Treasurer

July's Weather
  • 1st: The NWS in San Angelo, TX announced that the average temperature of 88.6 degrees in June made it the hottest month on record. The previous record was 88.2 degrees set in August 1952. Miami Beach finished its driest June on record. 118 in Phoenix, AZ. wass the highest temperature recorded in the city since July 21, 2006. 3" to 3.5" hail fell in Pine County, Minnesota accompanied by gust of 70mph. The next day the NWS confirmed at least 2 tornadoes (EF-2, EF-1) tore across parts of Southwestern Minnesota. The storms hit a campsite and killed a child.
  • 3rd: Savannah, GA recorded its 45th consecutive day at or above the 90 degree. A man was killed during severe storms that swept across the DC area and thousands lost power.
  • 4th: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport had its third day in a row of temperatures above 100-degrees. Storm in the Tuscon, AZ area left at least 20,000 without power.
  • 6th: A record High Temperature of 103 degrees was set at Waco, TX. A monster dust storm hit Phoenix, AZ that had a Height: 5,000-6,000 ft (about a mile), Length of leading edge: 100 mi., Track Length: 150 miles.
  • 7th: The NWS confirmed that the Fourth of July storm that swept through the Red River Valley region spawned at least five tornadoes in North Dakota and Minnesota.
  • 8th: Texas State Climatologist calls current drought 3rd worst on record, behind only 1956 & 1918.
  • 9th: Oklahoma City, OK hit 110 degrees setting a record for the day, also the hottest day since July of 1996 and 19 days of triple-digit highs this summer.
  • 10th: Strong storms caused heavy damage and knocked out electricity to thousands in southeast North Dakota. Some of the record High Temperatures: Wichita, KS-111, Fort Smith, AR-108, Tulsa, OK-107, Joplin, MO-106, OK City-105, Jackson, MS-102.
  • 11th: A rare and severe 'Derecho' Windstorm Hits Midwest knocking out power to thousands. In Chicago more than 600,000 customers lost power.
  • 12th: Waco RegionalAriport, TX hit 100 again making it 13 days in a row of 100 or more. Record High Temperatures and significantly low rainfall have resulted in declining reservoir and aquifer levels that threaten water supplies and delivery systems in many parts of Texas. Kansas poultry farm lost 4,300 turkeys in the current heat wave and in North Carolina 50,000 chickens have died.
  • 13th: At least 15 states hit 100 degrees and Dallas, TX has been in the 100s the last 11 days straight. So far in July over 500 heat records were broken with 10 stations in the Plains exceeding their all-time July high and 2 stations in Oklahoma setting all-time record highs.
  • 14th: Columbia, SC hadn't had a day below 90F since May 27. So far nearly 700 heat records have been either tied or broken in the country. 71% of Texas is now considered "exceptional" drought.
  • 16th-17th: The NWS issued 33 tornado warnings across parts of North Dakota. There were at least 15 tornado reports.
  • 17th: NOAA estimated 40 million people under heat advisories/excessive heat warnings. An old Front lying across Florida form a tropical depression about 100 miles offshore from northern Florida and later in the day it became TS Bret. A dent was made on the drought in northern Florida with Pensacola's wettest day since 9/17/09 (4.39") & Apalachicola's wettest day since 8/5/01 (5.8"). Slow moving storms in North Dakota dumped large hail and tornadoes causing power outages and damaging several farm buildings.
  • 18th: Storms caused power outages to 60,000 across Detroit, MI area and a man was electrocuted by a downed power line. More than 40 states were above 90F and at least 14 states were above 100. Number of 100F days so far: Oklahoma City-28 Dallas, TX-25 Wichita, KS-24 Shreveport, LA & Fort Smith, AR-22 Jackson, MS-11. Phoenix, AZ hit 112 for the 16th day this year at or above 110. Another Haboob or dust storm rolled through the Phoenix area, causing a ground stop at the airport.
  • 19th: A 82 dew point at MSP International was the most humid day in Twin Cities, MN history. 20 consecutive days of temperatures at or above 100 in Waco, TX. At least 17 states hit 100 F & 40 states surpassed 90.
  • 20th: Kansas City health officials report 3 more possible heat deaths in metro area; 13 total so far. At least 24 deaths have been blamed thus far on the heat wave that for weeks has been taking its toll on the central United States. TS Cindy forms well ENE of Bermuda.
  • 21st: 148 million people under heat advisories/warnings that included 32 states+DC. Witchita Falls, TX had its 30th consecutive day of triple digit heat. 22 straight days at or above 100, and 39 total this year for Waco, TX. 2 more heat deaths reported in St. Louis metro area, bringing the total to at least 7.
  • 22nd: Fort Smith, AR set a new all time record of 18 consecutive days at 100 degrees or higher. Cindy races off to the NE and the colder water makes her loses tropical characteristics.
  • 22nd-23rd: The Heat Wave in the South and Central Plains expanded eastward bringing 100+ temperatures from Washington DC to New York City.
  • 23rd: A large storm system that rolled across North Dakota dropped hail and spawned at least two tornadoes causing significant damage to apartments in Fargo. Chicago's O'hare Airport had 6.91" of rain that flooded roads, suspended trains and had 86,000 without power in Chicago area. Dallas, TX hit 100 degree mark for 22nd straight day, its 5th-longest streak. TS Bret weakens to a depression as it heads out to sea.
  • 24th: The fifth day in a row with 100-degree temperatures at Raleigh Durham International Airport, setting an all-time record. Texas has experienced the driest 9-month period in the state's history.
  • 26th: Iowa Cattlemen's Association says as many as 4,000 cattle died in the recent heat wave.
  • 27th: According to NWS, the U.S. heat wave has claimed as many as 64 lives. The 100-degree mark was broken for the 47th time this year in Abilene, TX, breaking the previous record of 46 set in 1934. TS Don forms in the southern Gulf of Mexico.
  • 27th-28th: 10.36" of rain fell over Dubuque, IA in less than 24 hours which major damage; cars washed away, businesses/homes flooded.
  • 28th: TS Don with 45 mph winds heads towards the Texas coast. Roswell, NM had it's 38th consecutive day of triple-digit temperatures, breaking the record set 37 years ago. The month of July is now the wettiest ever experienced in Chicago, IL, breaking 122-year record.
  • 29th: TS Don made landfall near Baffin Bay, TX. But with huge amounts of dry air around, it quickly dissapated and most areas got less than an inch of badly needed rain.
  • 30th: Storms in Burlington Flats, NY yesterday we're confirmed by the NWS to be a tornado that touched down twice.
  • 31st: July was a scorcher. The NWS says that High temperatures across the USA broke or tied records 2,676 times, almost double the number (1,444) of a year ago.

Pier Cam
Kill Devil Hills, NC
Rob from Vientiane, Laos

Did You Know?

Rip currents are dangerous, narrow channels of water moving quickly away from the beach. Beachgoers that hit the waters are sometimes caught off-guard by these currents and can be pulled far out into the ocean. Rip currents often develop when there are strong onshore winds in and along breaks in sandbars and in areas near piers or jetties. If your caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the beach. Don't try to swim against it.
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How is Hail formed
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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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