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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to your August issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter.

Time is sure flying by folks. Half the year has gone by, and before you know it, the trees will start to turn colors, leaves will fall, and the S _ _ W will start to fly, and in my book that is not good. But hold on there a minute we still have a long way to go for summer weather, and into the fall. The fall in Southern New England can deliver some of the best weather yet.

The weather here in Warren has been hazy, hot and humid, and the next seven days will prove to be above normal in the temperature department. So, enjoy it folks, while we can.

REUNION: As you read this the 2007 Weatherfun Family Reunion is now history and what a reunion it was. By, far the best reunion yet. Our biggest attendance yet, and of course our mystery guest is now known. Don, from Mississippi along with his wife Darla, and their two dogs drove all the way up the coast to attend this year's reunion. Of course I knew about Don's attendance from late winter on, but Don and I kept it a secret until I introduced him at the reunion as the mystery guest. Don, it was a pleasure to finally meet you and shake your hand. Something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time.

We had members who attended from the following states: Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Maryland, Long Island NY, Mass. and of course the mini state of Rhode Island. By far the largest turnout yet, and the very first time that we have had all of the moderators together at the same time. Look for the picture coming in one of my wrap up's shortly.

Many special presentations were made at this year's reunion, including a very special memorial tree presented to Susan and I in honor of Susan's mom who passed away just shy of three month's ago. The was an honor that we will remember for a long time, along with a special memorial plaque to go along with the tree. Also Bill along with Casey's help by cell phone announced that the Weatherfun Logo is now Trade Marked. Bill, and Casey took care of the long process, dealing with the federal government and the red tape in getting the Weatherfun Logo trade marked. A very special picture along with a certificate was presented to me. I also received a proclamation from the governor of the state of Rhode Island for bringing back the Weatherfun group to the mini state of Rhode Island. Some very special honors that I will never forget and will share with you all from time to time.

One of the highlights of the reunion was a Whale Watching Tour off of beautiful Cape Cod, Mass. This was by far a great event that we all will be talking about for year's to come. We also enjoyed a great lunch at Richard house, and got to see the house that we have only seen with it buried in snow. Thanks Richard for a great day. On Friday, we spent the day in Newport, R. I. and took a trolley tour of the city, ocean drive, and got to see some of the mansions that we have been talking about for sometime. This was a great tour, and I even being a Rhode Islander learned some facts that I had not known before.

We enjoyed our evenings at the motel with night time activities, that included the annual Weatherfun Squirt Gun water battle. No one escaped this battle, and we all got wet. Some wetter than others, but it was a great event, and we were also treated to a fantastic sunset that evening. Det. Colombo made his annual appearance, along with that crazy weatherman who dresses up on the Saturday morning with a special uniform to protect himself from the snow that will fall. Did it work? No way. I not only had snow thrown at me, but they also had their squirt guns, and Jerry got quite wet in addition to having snow all over me and also my van. But it was all in great fun, and I am sure you will see some of the pictures of that crazy weatherman getting hit with snow.

It all ended with the Grand Finale Cookout held on my back pool deck and yard. A new addition was added this year with an auction held where we bid on special weather material with very special Jerry Money that Bill printed up. I tried using $500.00 of it at Bickford's but it did not work even though it had my picture on it. This was a great event put on by Lynn and auctioneer Bill who was dressed for the occasion, and even had a gavel to keep things in line.

Now we look onto the rest of the summer and the 2008 Weatherfun Family Reunion. Believe me if you have never attended a Weatherfun Family Reunion, you want to make plans now to attend next year's great event. Hey, why not be next year's mystery guest, and keep them all guessing on whom will be attending. Enjoy your summer folks, keep an eye to the sky, and of course this time of the year the tropics. May the weather in your area of this great nation by a perfect Jerry 12.

If you have a weather article that you would like to see in our newsletter, why not send it to Bill or me, and we will put it in the next issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter.


July's Weather
  • 1st: Heavy rains over the past 72 hours in parts of Kansas left roads flooded and rivers and streams overflowing their banks. Up to 15" of rain were recorded.
  • 2nd: Flooding rains in Oklahoma closed roads and had streams and rivers overflowing their banks.
  • 3rd: Strong thunderstorms and a possible tornado in Alabama damaged several buildings, while Texas continued to be hammered by heavy rains. Record heat in the West with temperatures over 110 was expected to continue for at least the next few days. No Damage or injuries were reported from at least four tornadoes that touched on Colorado's eastern plains.
  • 5th: The Heat Wave continues in the West with 100+ temperatures common from California to Washington.
  • 8th: On going hot and dry weather in the West has led to numerous wildfires.
  • 7th-10th: Hot and humid weather stretched from the mid-west to the East Coast.
  • 8th-13th: Triple digit High temperatures in the Southwest, though not that uncommon for this time of year.
  • 12th-15th: Several record High Temperatures set in the Pacific Northwest with temperatures ranging from the low 90s to 103.
  • 15th: Strong storms in the Upper Plains with a tornado in SE North Dakota.
  • 18th: Heavy rains in the New York City area with 2 to 5 inches falling flooded roads and homes, and an EF-1 tornado touched down on Long Island.
  • 21st: Storms dumped more than a foot of rain on parts of Texas, stranding more than 170 passengers on an Amtrak train for hours and forcing rescue crews elsewhere to pull at least 50 people to safety.
  • 20th: Very hot weather in the northern Upper Plains with High temperatures ranging from the 90s into the 100s and several cities set new records.
  • 24th: Up to 4.5" of rain in parts of Kansas flooded roads and homes.
  • 25th: More heavy rain in SE Texas.
  • 30th: TS Chantal formed far out in the Atlantic and raced northward and became a TD.
  • 31st: Areas in and around Tampa, FL had around 3" of rain that flooded roadways.

Nags Head, NC

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Another successful Reunion was held this month. The main event was a Whale Watching Trip. Members saw lots of humpback whales with several coming very close to the boat. Of course there was snow once again at the Reunion. At Saturday's Cookout, an auction was held using "Jerry Money" that members had received in their Welcome Basket and won in various contests and quizs. Once again Lynn had done a great job in obtaining great items from the vendors that support WEATHERFUN. This items were sold at the Auction. And of course Lt Columbo made an appearance to let Jerry know that he's watching every move that he makes.
It's not too early to be making plans for next year's Reunion. You'll have a great time.

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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